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Vendelux Integrates with HubSpot, Enabling Event Marketers to Measure and Prove ROI of In-Person Events, the Most Valuable Marketing Channel

Connecting CRM data with event intelligence for the first time, Vendelux customers outperform competition with pre- and post-event revenue visibility and event-driven deal attribution

Vendelux, the leading AI event intelligence platform, today announced its integration with HubSpot, the customer relationship management (CRM) platform for scaling companies. With this integration, Vendelux connects sales and events by providing visibility into the pipeline and revenue potential in the room at an individual event level. Event marketers can now unlock their sales colleagues’ specific contacts, leads, and company within Vendelux’s real-time database of more than 150,000 events. Integrating this information with HubSpot sales data, including deal stage, deal amount, and owner, enables marketers to drive informed decisions on which events for sales leaders to attend, speak at, or sponsor based on the company’s sales funnel, and ultimately gain a defensible measure of the ROI for every dollar spent on an event.

Fusion, Vendelux’s proprietary AI solution, integrates first-party data from its network of conference organizers and partners with real-time data monitoring and enrichment from more than 185,000 unique sources. Using artificial intelligence (AI), predictive modeling, and historical insights, Vendelux also accurately forecasts attendee personas for upcoming events. At a granular level Vendelux provides event marketers the ability to:

  • Explore events that prospects, customers, partners, and competitors are participating at;
  • Match sales opportunities with attendee personas to identify the most valuable events and the respective salespeople to attend each;
  • Research event opportunities and costs related to speaking, sponsoring, and attending;
  • Predict potential event ROI to inform overall event strategy and its impact on key business goals.

As the leading intelligence platform for events, Vendelux is the go-to resource for marketers to evaluate events, trade shows, and conferences worldwide. With the ability to measure and prove ROI from event investments, event marketers utilizing Vendelux gain a much-deserved seat at the table amongst finance and sales as budgets are allocated to strategies for 2024 and beyond. In-person events, the only marketing channel that offers face-time with customers, is the most important revenue channel for B2B companies and therefore informed budget decisions powered by Vendelux’s platform are essential to driving overall business growth.

“More than 80 percent of event marketers say they can’t effectively calculate event ROI. This is because the sheer number of events and lack of data – historically – has made analyzing and identifying the right events nearly impossible, leaving marketers playing a guessing game and relying on anecdotal feedback from attendees and event organizers to decide if an event is worthwhile,” said Alex Reynolds, CEO and co-founder, Vendelux. “Our goal is to provide a data-driven solution that removes the guesswork. By drawing a direct line to the sales pipeline through HubSpot, our users now have access to rich sales data to support marketing decisions like what events to participate in and who to send from sales, and they also have a resource to accurately assess the outcome and prove event ROI to their corporate and budgetary stakeholders.”