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Guest Column
How would you describe your professional journey and what lessons you have learned along the way? I have been fortunate that my career journey has traversed several countries and industries, providing a breadth and variety of experiences. I have continuously sought opportunities that have allowed me to work on initiatives or in key roles aligned... Read More
Retail businesses have spent the last year navigating fast-changing industry challenges, from reduced consumer spending to rising business costs. In fact, according to Shopify’s 2023 Australian Retail Report, three-quarters (75%) of Australians said they have opted to cut back on spending to save money, while (41%) of business leaders cited operational costs as a key challenge... Read More
To gain a competitive edge, companies are increasingly digitizing their entire operations with business applications designed to enhance efficiency and assist employees in completing their daily tasks. The shift towards hybrid and remote work environments has further accelerated this digitization. However, each new software application typically comes with its own learning curve, requiring employees to... Read More
More and more companies are using AI-supported tools in their daily work to simplify tasks and make workflows more efficient. This is particularly evident in the field of content creation, where requirements change rapidly, and time pressure is particularly high. But what exactly is the state of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in content management? From Hype... Read More
According to a recent estimate by Goldman Sachs, automating Accounts Payable (AP) processes can lead to a 70-80% reduction in time spent for small and medium-sized enterprises. Streamlined AP processes are essential for maintaining a steady cash flow and building strong supplier relationships. Despite this, many businesses continue to use outdated, manual AP systems that... Read More
Guest Post by David Nelson
David Nelson, Co-founder, offers a guide to the complex programmatic landscape and the players at the heart of it The world of programmatic advertising can seem daunting, with an overabundance of three-letter acronyms and a vast array of companies involved in matching advertiser demand with publisher supply. However, understanding the key players and how they... Read More
The Transformative Role of AI in the Telecommunications Industry
From voice calls to internet access, the telecom industry represents the cornerstone of communication in today’s always-on world. However, as the demand for faster, more reliable services grows, communication service providers (CSPs) need help meeting these expectations, particularly while trying to recoup the costs of 5G network rollouts. Read More
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