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Digital Experience
BCM Unveils Ventas-AI for Enhanced Creative Optimization and Testing
Beeby Clark+Meyler ("BCM"), a leading digital performance marketing agency, has announced the launch of "Ventas-AI." This innovative AI-stack is designed for creative pre-launch optimization, creative testing, and generative production of improved ad creative. Ventas-AI empowers clients to accelerate learning at scale, providing media algorithms, such as Meta's, with the creative signals necessary to engage and convert the right audiences. Read More
Evolv AI Launches Free AI-Led UX Site Assessment for Enhanced Digital Experiences
Evolv AI, a leader in digital experience optimization, is thrilled to introduce its new AI-led UX site assessment feature, now available for free. This innovative tool offers businesses valuable insights into their digital experiences, identifying underperforming areas and providing prioritized, contextual UX recommendations. Read More
Technotree and people+ai Partner to Advance India’s Compute Ecosystem
Technotree, a prominent player in global digital platforms and services, joins forces with people+ai, an initiative by the non-profit EkStep Foundation, to participate in the Open Cloud Compute (OCC) project. This partnership aims to revolutionize India’s AI landscape by implementing cutting-edge technologies and creating accessible compute resources through micro data centers. Read More
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