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AI in Marketing
BCM Unveils Ventas-AI for Enhanced Creative Optimization and Testing
Beeby Clark+Meyler ("BCM"), a leading digital performance marketing agency, has announced the launch of "Ventas-AI." This innovative AI-stack is designed for creative pre-launch optimization, creative testing, and generative production of improved ad creative. Ventas-AI empowers clients to accelerate learning at scale, providing media algorithms, such as Meta's, with the creative signals necessary to engage and convert the right audiences. Read More
NinjaCat Unveils AI Insights Generator to Revolutionize Marketing Reports
NinjaCat, an AI-enabled data and analytics platform designed for marketing, has announced the launch of its innovative AI Insights Generator. This new feature transforms raw data into compelling, narrative-based summaries, significantly enhancing the efficiency and quality of marketing reports. Read More
Zeta Global Enhances AI Functionality with Amazon Bedrock for Superior Marketing Automation
Zeta Global, the AI-powered marketing cloud, announced significant advancements in generative AI functionality within its Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP) at A’Maison: The House of Amazon @ Cannes Lions 2024. By utilizing Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service for building and scaling generative AI applications with foundation models from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Zeta aims to enhance its platform's capabilities. Read More
ON24 Report: 95% of B2B Marketers Embrace AI for 2024 Success
ON24, a leading intelligent engagement platform for B2B sales and marketing, has released a new research report titled “The State of AI in B2B Marketing in 2024.” The report highlights the rapid adoption of AI by sales and marketing organizations, revealing that 95% are already using or planning to use AI by the end of the year. Read More
Marketers Must Shift to Predictive CLV in the Era of Generative AI
Zeta Global, the AI-powered marketing cloud, has published a Forrester Consulting Opportunity Snapshot titled "Marketers Must Shift Their Understanding of Customer Value to be Forward-Looking." This study, completed in February 2024, provides insights from customer engagement strategy decision-makers in the US and UK. Commissioned by Zeta, the study explores how marketers assess and apply Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and highlights the necessary changes to adopt a predictive and holistic approach in the era of Generative AI. Read More
Jasper Introduces Flash Diffusion: A Breakthrough in AI Image Generation
Jasper, the world's leading AI marketing platform, has unveiled a groundbreaking research paper on Flash Diffusion, an innovative distillation method developed by Jasper Research. Flash Diffusion sets new benchmarks in speed, robustness, and versatility for diffusion algorithms, outperforming recent research from MIT, Adobe, and Bytedance. Read More
AudiencePoint Launches Forest AI to Revolutionize Email Marketing
AudiencePoint, a leader in innovative email marketing solutions, proudly unveils its advanced Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions aimed at transforming email marketing strategies. This groundbreaking technology equips digital marketers with predictive and actionable customer behavioral insights, maximizing deliverability and engagement. Read More
iStock Unveils Data-Backed Tips for Using Generative AI in Marketing
iStock, a leading e-commerce platform providing images, videos, and illustrations to SMBs and SMEs, has unveiled new data-backed tips to help businesses navigate the use of generative AI in their marketing strategies. The tips are derived from iStock’s VisualGPS insights platform, which recently conducted a study involving over 30,000 adults across 25 countries. The findings highlight the importance of transparency and trust when using AI-generated visuals. Read More
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