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Newsprint Expands AI-Powered News Curation Capabilities with Acquisition of French-Based Daily Nugt

Newsprint, an AI-powered media monitoring and news aggregation startup, today announced the acquisition of Daily Nugt, the innovative AI newsletter platform founded by French entrepreneur Tibo Louis-Lucas. This acquisition marks a significant step forward in Newsprint’s mission to revolutionize how corporate communications professionals access and utilize news for their campaigns, clients, and careers.

Jono Matusky, the founder of Newsprint, emphasized the strategic importance of the move. “This acquisition reinforces our plan to harness AI for the benefit of corporate communications professionals. Our advanced machine learning technology, which scans thousands of media sources daily, will add Daily Nugt’s focus on newsletters and YouTube videos to ensure that our users receive the most comprehensive insights, far beyond traditional search.”

Daily Nugt, popular among entrepreneurs and software developers for its unique approach to content curation, quickly built a community of over 1500 daily users. Louis-Lucas, who will remain focused on his other software products, shared his thoughts: “I’m proud to see Daily Nugt join forces with Newsprint. It’s exciting to watch a project I started as a side hustle grow into something much bigger. I’m confident that under Jono’s leadership, Daily Nugt will reach new heights, making news more accessible and relevant to people everywhere.”

As Newsprint welcomes the Daily Nugt community, it remains committed to transforming the daily routines of communications professionals and business leaders, delivering curated news directly to their inboxes each morning. Newsprint’s expanded service now offers an unparalleled viewpoint for evaluating news, ensuring that professionals are not just current but ahead in their fields.