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Anvil Unveils AI Webform Translations, Empowering Product Teams to Supercharge Software Development for Seamless Document Integration

Latest AI-enabled tool uses LLMS to power multilingual translations

Anvil, a SaaS platform that enables businesses working with documents to be data-first and AI-ready, announced the release of its latest AI powered tool, “AI-powered Webform Translations” which enables anyone to instantly translate online webforms into multiple languages.

Anvil’s AI Webform Translation is the latest feature of Anvil Document AI product suite that uses the latest large language models to provide accurate, in-context translations to over 10 of the most commonly spoken languages. Combined with the Anvil builder interface, translations can be easily modified by Anvil customers to match the preferred word choice and brand voice of the company. It intelligently identifies the native language on the device so that the webform is always presented in a user’s preferred language.

“Before we launched our AI features, product teams using Anvil were able to build document processing software 3-5x faster than traditional software development methods. Now with Anvil AI, it could be 10x faster at a fraction of the cost. There is no excuse for companies, in every industry, to not be digital first.” says Mang-Git Ng.

Anvil Document AI builds upon the foundation of Anvil’s Document SDK, a complete document solution for product teams. Companies building digital solutions for specific document processes such as:

  • Insurance binding
  • Employee hiring
  • New client onboarding
  • Real Estate transacting

…can rely on Anvil’s embeddable and API-driven products:

  • Anvil Webforms
  • Anvil E-Signature
  • Anvil PDF Services

…to offload the tedious tasks of creating document management software, and focus on value-added features that speak to their specific customer needs.

Businesses across industries rely on Anvil to power their digital document processes. Anvil’s platform is essential to technology teams building scalable, customized online user experiences quickly and efficiently. A big part of digitizing documents is ensuring that the data-collection is frictionless, accurate, and easily transportable. That’s why growth stage, venture backed companies like Seso LaborJob&TalentVouch Insurance trust Anvil to be their document engine, from data-collection, through PDF generation and e-signatures.

With the launch of the latest AI feature, Anvil is demonstrating its commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and bringing it to companies looking to transform everyday industries hampered by excessive document processes.