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Introducing Jasper Campaigns: New Functionality for End-to-End Marketing Efficiency

Create full marketing campaigns at lightspeed without sacrificing control over brand, security, or accessibility.

 Jasper, a generative AI platform, today announced the launch of Jasper Campaigns, an end-to-end marketing solution that allows users to create a full campaign in minutes from a single brief. The platform securely enriches data models with key company details and brand identity so users can move quickly through their entire marketing strategy. With Campaigns, users can now create a unified brand voice across multiple channels, eliminating delays, maintaining control over asset creation and giving more time back to marketers.

Generative AI has long been associated with speed, but Jasper stands out by offering speed without compromising control. As the pace of the market accelerates and AI tools and automation become more prevalent, businesses must ensure they can maintain control over their content. With features like Campaigns, users get the efficiency that generative AI promises, coupled with the consistency that is critical to keeping brand identity and voice intact.

“As a marketer by trade, I know how risky it is to lose your brand’s voice and identity,” said CEO Dave Rogenmoser. “And we believe you don’t have to lose either when using generative AI. With our new Campaigns feature, we want to empower marketers to collaborate asynchronously to create consistently high-quality content at scale, while still preserving their unique brand voice. Not only does Jasper give you control over your content, but it also gives you control back in your day, eliminating unnecessary delays that often come with cross-functional collaboration, while allowing channel owners to have full control over asset creation.”

The platform offers other critical enterprise-grade functionality, like the Jasper Everywhere extension, which keeps Jasper by your side anywhere you create online, the ability to integrate a Jasper API directly into your platform, and built-in security features that stay up-to-date as security protocols evolve, complete with SOC2 certification.

This release marks another step forward in Jasper’s vision of creating an AI-first platform that serves marketers from ideation to optimization