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Studio71 Leverages AI to Optimize How Brands Target Audiences

The company’s AI integration allows brands to find the “needle in the haystack” of creators who post relevant content for a brand’s ideal audience

In an ever-expanding world of influencer content, Studio71 is leveraging the power of AI to help brands precisely target the most effective creators to support their campaigns.

Studio71 has integrated Large Language Model (LLM) technology into its vast database of nearly 100,000 creators, which includes real-time analytics on millions of hours of content. Now, when Studio71 engages with brands, it can efficiently dive into its network of creators to identify those who have recently posted content that aligns with a given brand’s messaging and can deliver the most effective results.

“With the rapid advances of AI, we are able to help brands target creator audiences with an incredible level of precision,” said Co-CEO Adam Boorstin. “By combining our audience data with historical and predictive analytics, we can connect brands to creators that posted relevant content just a few hours ago.”

For example, if a brand comes to Studio71 looking to highlight a new line of Vegan snacks, Studio71’s database can now immediately identify a list of creators who have recently posted about their health-conscious lifestyle. Studio71 can then provide brands with lists of relevant creators and precise guidance on how brand campaigns are expected to perform. 

“We categorize and index creators and their content using a vast list of data points. By integrating this current generation of AI, we are able to maximize our ability to search through this dataset and estimate results,” says Mike Flynn, Chief Technology Officer at Studio71. “It is incredibly exciting to witness this new technology being applied to the influencer space and to see immediate, successful performance.”

On the flip side, Studio71’s channel strategy team uses this technology to help creators effectively tag videos and optimize thumbnails to amplify how their content is discovered by audiences and brands looking for relevant content. Because video discovery is greatly impacted by the quality of video metadata, it’s vital to have tools that can optimize this metadata in real-time from signals derived from Studio71’s real-time creator database.