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Kouo launches AI-powered emotion analytics platform to help companies interpret real human emotions

UK-based product analytics firm, Kouo, AI-powered emotion analytics platform to help companies interpret real human emotions and drive business metrics.

Kouo, a pioneering product analytics company, announces the launch of its innovative AI-powered emotion analytics technology. Designed to assist strategy teams within organizations, Kouo empowers product teams to implement data-driven improvements that enhance key business metrics. By quantifying and analyzing real human emotions, Kouo enables companies to understand user behavior, prioritize feature development, and deliver personalized experiences that adapt to users’ dynamic states.

Traditionally, product teams face challenges in determining feature prioritization and understanding their impact on business metrics. Kouo addresses these challenges by providing valuable insights into user interactions with products and the underlying emotions that drive their behavior. Leveraging AI and emotion analytics, Kouo’s technology enables product teams to make informed decisions about feature development, leading to tangible improvements in key business metrics.

During pre-launch, Kouo’s beta clients saw up to 30% improvement in retention rates leveraging the emotional insights alone. When deploying emotion-responsive content adaptations, retention rates further improved by up to 60%.

“Strategy teams own the business metrics, but it is the product teams who implement the necessary changes. Kouo’s technology serves as a powerful tool that bridges the gap between strategy and product teams. Our solution allows product teams to overcome information overload and obtain unbiased insights into user motivations. By linking emotions to user behavior, Kouo empowers teams to identify the necessary changes and prioritize features that will have the most significant impact on their business metrics.”, says Shaan Bassi, Founder of Kouo.

Traditional methods of gathering user insights, such as surveys and interviews, often suffer from bias and limited interpretability. Kouo‘s AI-powered technology removes these limitations by analyzing user emotions and connecting them to observed behaviors, without the need for user input. This enables companies to understand why users behave as they do, uncovering the underlying motivations that drive user engagement.

Additionally, Kouo’s technology facilitates personalized experiences tailored to users’ unique emotional states. Kouo enables companies to deliver content and interactions that adapt to users’ needs in real-time. For example, the app over time will understand your emotional responses to music, leading to highly personalized playlists that adapt with your evolving tastes and to how you feel on a given day.

“Our technology not only helps companies build better products, but it also enhances their ability to engage with users on a more empathetic level. Kouo’s AI-powered emotion analytics provide apps with the capacity to understand users’ changing emotional states and deliver highly personalized experiences. It enables apps to interact with users in a more meaningful and impactful way, enhancing user satisfaction and retention”. Shaan Bassi added.

Kouo’s AI-powered emotion analytics technology is live on both iOS and Android. The company primarily collaborates with strategy teams within B2C, mid-market, and enterprise-level app companies across various industries, including health and wellness, music streaming, gaming, and EdTech.