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Express Publishing Adopts MagniLearn’s AI Technology to Accelerate Personalization and Enhance Learning Performance

MagniLearn, an AI-based personalized learning technology company, and Express Publishing, a leading education publisher with a global footprint of over 100 countries, announce the launch of DigiPlus, a groundbreaking personalized learning solution powered by AI.

DigiPlus leverages innovative content mapping and smart tagging technology. By harnessing the power of deep AI and NLP, DigiPlus automatically generates lessons tailor-made for individual students. The platform pinpoints each student’s challenges, enabling educators to easily address areas that need improvement.

“Our mission is to bring the AI revolution to education,” says Lana Tockus, the CEO of MagniLearn. “With the latest technological advances, including GenAI, we can meet that challenge. We are excited by this opportunity to combine Express Publishing’s exceptional content with our AI to implement a new level of educational products. The rise of AI has the potential to revolutionize most industries. MagniLearn is helping forward-thinking companies like Express Publishing stake their claim in this world of change.”

Express Publishing sees this collaboration as an opportunity to pioneer a new era of digital learning. It’s not just about staying relevant; it’s about thriving in an educational ecosystem undergoing profound transformation. “In today’s fast-changing environment, our aim is to pave the way for innovation, learning efficiency, and data-driven personalized experiences. We’ve selected MagniLearn to be our trusted partner for this transformative journey. It’s not just the quality of the tech, it’s how it addresses our needs.” stresses Jenny Dooley, President of Express Publishing.

Express Publishing’s extensive reach positions them as a formidable force in the global education market. MagniLearn is already making its mark in multiple countries worldwide. This partnership enables Express Publishing to continue shaping education by leveraging the most recent technology and maintaining its position as an innovation pioneer.

This game-changing alliance between Express Publishing and MagniLearn promises to provide another competitive advantage to Express Publishing in the legacy publishing industry.  As education embraces digital transformation, Express Publishing and MagniLearn are at the forefront of driving the evolution of digital content toward smarter, more effective, and more engaging educational experiences.