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EndoTech’s Financial AI Research Team led by Dr. Anna Becker & Dmitry Gooshchin Achieves Breakthrough Milestones, Transforming AI Investment Strategies

EndoTech.io announces a series of AI research releases that are reshaping investment strategies and capturing alpha in volatile financial markets. And with it, EndoTech’s research team, led by Dr. Anna Becker, has ushered in a new era of AI-driven investment capabilities.

The Key Research Breakthroughs:

  1. Advanced AI Technical Expertise: EndoTech’s AI system has now launched an unprecedented 100+ AI experts. Each AI expert masters intricate technical concepts (like resistance/support lines or microstructures) and is contextualized using attention and time parameters, resulting in market prediction and optimized trading strategies. Utilizing advanced machine learning models, along with reinforced training frameworks, these AI experts now represent the largest set of investment-driven AI applications for investment decisions.
  2. Deep Learning Power: EndoTech’s deep learning module has achieved 70%+ accuracy by integrating financial news, fundamental data, and sentiment analysis. It ingests vast amounts of financial data points and employs advanced data analysis to predict market states, filter trading signals, and enhance money management strategies.
  3. Market State Classification: EndoTech’s research has led to market state classification. This breakthrough in contextual decision-making is made by actively identifying and categorizing market states, such as upward trends and consolidation phases. These breakthroughs enable algorithmic trading strategies to adapt dynamically to changing market conditions, improving effectiveness and precision.

Dr. Anna Becker, the driving force behind this transformative research, shared her perspective: “Our research is not just about technology; it’s about redefining how we approach markets and investments. EndoTech’s breakthroughs empower investors with unparalleled precision and agility in navigating the complexities of today’s markets.”

EndoTech’s research-driven approach marks a pivotal moment, promising a brighter future for alpha-seeking investors in turbulent markets. The company invites collaboration with research institutions, investors, and financial organizations to explore the transformative potential of this pioneering technology.