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New Bloomberg Tax AI Lab Enables AI Functions for Bloomberg Tax Research

Bloomberg Tax & Accounting today announced the launch of its AI Lab to enhance the Bloomberg Tax Research experience. The new Bloomberg Tax AI Lab offers customers the option of testing new AI-driven tools, beginning with an enhanced search experience using AI functionality.

The first enhancement included in Bloomberg Tax AI Lab is a question and answer service, combining Bloomberg Tax Research with a large language model (LLM) to produce an AI-generated summary response. This contextualized response provides a short synopsis, which also identifies the source materials and links directly to the most relevant Bloomberg Tax Research content.

“Bloomberg Tax AI Lab provides an opportunity for us to further enhance our customers’ experience using Bloomberg Tax Research, and we look forward to getting their critical feedback to ensure these tools meet their needs,” said Lisa Fitzpatrick, President, Bloomberg Tax & Accounting. “At Bloomberg Tax we know that accuracy and trust is paramount, but so is innovation. Use of AI on our platform will be clearly labeled and be continuously trained by a team of tax experts.”

Bloomberg Tax Research customers can opt in to access the Bloomberg Tax AI Lab. Feedback provided by users will inform improvements and guarantee a more seamless experience when these AI features become a permanent part of Bloomberg Tax Research. Additional features will be added to Bloomberg Tax AI Lab in the coming months.