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Viant Bolsters Data Platform with AI

ESB Advertising Among Agencies Already Driving Results

Viant Technology Inc., the leading people-based advertising technology company, today announced it has bolstered its Viant Data Platform with new AI-based tools and services, enabling privacy-centric and reliable signals for advertisers to leverage in partnership with publishers.

The advertising industry is at an inflection point, where digital identifiers continue to diminish making audience targeting and measurement increasingly more difficult. The challenge for advertisers is capturing a holistic understanding of their advertising performance and investment. To solve for these challenges, Viant has amplified the capabilities of its Data Platform including new innovations like Chat with Data that allow advertisers to apply generative AI technology to more easily analyze campaign performance and understand important KPIs like ROAS. One independent agency that used Viant’s Data Platform, ESB Advertising, recently saw an increase in ROAS by 40%.

“ESB Advertising’s partnership with Viant’s omnichannel DSP and Data Platform has been instrumental to our success. Their programmatic focus, intuitive software, and personalized support have consistently delivered outstanding results. Viant’s data-driven approach has allowed us to leverage valuable insights to improve Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for our clients, making our collaboration all the more impactful,” said Eiman Bassam, CEO, ESB Advertising.

This AI technology adds more power to Viant’s DSP with Data Platform, a DSP tech infrastructure that processes data where programmatic advertisers and marketers can easily onboard customer data platforms with clean rooms and generate insights.

“As a programmatic advertising technology leader, we’re excited to release innovative AI solutions that help solve for third-party signal loss for our customers. Our latest Data Platform enhancements are another example of the agility of the Viant platform. We are passionate about providing new ways for advertisers to address key industry challenges, while empowering marketers and agencies to unleash the full potential of data-driven marketing,” said Dustin Kwan, Chief Product Officer, Viant.