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Vendelux Integrates with Salesforce; Event Marketers Gain Visibility into ROI from In-Person Event Spend for the First Time

AI platform syncs CRM with event data, enabling companies to make data-driven budget decisions

Vendelux, the leading AI event intelligence platform, today announced its integration with Salesforce , the world’s #1 AI CRM. With this integration marketers can seamlessly connect sales data including leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, and account owners from Salesforce with Vendelux’s real-time database of over 150,000 events covering over 60 million event data points. The visibility Vendelux provides is a competitive advantage, aligning in-person events directly to sales opportunities and forecasting potential revenue to be derived as a result of participation at any given event. This announcement follows Vendelux’s customer relationship management (CRM) integration announcement last week with HubSpot and brings the organization’s CRM market share coverage to nearly 60 percent.

With the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive modeling, Vendelux combines first-party data from its network of conference organizers and partners with real-time data monitoring, enrichment from more than 185,000 unique sources, and historical insights to forecast upcoming event attendee personas. The company’s proprietary AI solution, Fusion, also gives marketers the opportunity to request event monitoring on-demand.

“Event marketers are the unsung heroes of many companies as in-person engagement with prospects is the most influential force driving leads through a sales pipeline. Yet event marketers are often disenfranchised as they’ve historically been unable to attribute revenue directly to an event engagement,” said Alex Reynolds, CEO and co-founder, Vendelux. “We are changing that dynamic, putting power in event marketers’ hands to accurately assess events, take action based on business goals, and ultimately prove the ROI of each event they choose to invest in. As generative AI continues to proliferate content online and digital marketers face new headwinds to cut through the noise, in-person events like Dreamforce will only continue to grow in their strategic value. At Vendelux, we allow companies to budget for events based on real data and end the subjective analysis of events that so many unfortunately rely on today.”

Vendelux’s data-driven solution offers the ability to analyze the revenue impact of events, trade shows, and conferences worldwide. With Vendelux, event marketers gain the visibility to understand the potential earnings of every event based on pipeline, target lists, and ideal customer profiles (ICP). With the platform in hand, marketers can easily take strategic action to determine the events that will drive the most revenue and who to send from the sales organization that will have the most impact. Vendelux’s holistic, data-rich approach delivers, for the first time, the ability to accurately and simply prove in-person event ROI.