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Savant Labs, a Generative AI Analytics Automation Platform Provider, and Data Prep U, Partner to Deliver Analytics Automation for Business Teams

Savant’s Cloud-native AI-powered Analytics Automation Platform Has Proven to Accelerate Analytics by 5x-10x

Savant Labs, pioneer of a generative AI-powered analytics automation platform, announces a partnership with Data Prep U, a Colorado-based consulting and analytics solutions provider that serves clients across North America. Data Prep U has delivered analytics automation solutions to hundreds of customers and now has an increased focus on cloud-native analytics platforms that excel at automating analytics from modern data sources. With Savant’s generative AI-powered analytics automation platform, Data Prep U will enable analysts in any business function to achieve 5x-10x faster outcomes.

Savant provides a leading-edge cloud-native, no-code, low-code analytics automation platform that enables analysts to access, prepare, blend, and analyze data from over 200 modern data sources and deliver insights directly to 100+ modern applications and dashboards. Analysts can choose between conversational GPT AI or drag-and-drop automation widgets to access, prep, and transform data, create analytics logic, and automate publishing insights. End-to-end analytics workflows can be created in minutes, and even complex data tasks can be achieved with AI prompts that leverage public or private LLMs. Savant’s cloud-native architecture is purpose-built for today’s modern data sources with an intuitive user experience that makes it simple for any analyst to drive outcomes. The platform scales to unlimited users, unlimited data processing, and unlimited analytic workflows at 50% lower TCO than traditional analytics automation solutions.

“Savant provides a multitude of advantages for our clients including a cost-efficient cloud-optimized solution, a low learning curve for users, and powerful drag-and-drop automation combined with generative AI capabilities,” said Chad Martin, CEO & founder Data Prep U. “With our consulting and implementation expertise we are thrilled to partner with Savant to provide customers analytics automation solutions in finance, sales and marketing, logistics and any business function that is looking for fast, easy, and cost-effective analytics.”

“We are excited to partner with Data Prep U and help organizations realize the power of cloud-native modern analytics automation and generative AI,” said Chitrang Shah, CEO and founder of Savant Labs. “Combining our platform innovation with Data Prep U’s expertise in delivering business solutions, we look forward to empowering data and business analysts in any organization to deliver analytics outcomes faster.”

Traditional analytics solutions are still challenging for organizations to use and leave teams straddled with manual tasks, difficulties accessing data from modern data platforms and business applications, and high costs to scale. Most of these solutions were built for data scientists, expert data stewards, and IT teams while also being architected in the early days of understanding cloud economics.  Savant’s innovation considers every aspect of easing analytics, from simplifying access to data from modern data sources, SaaS applications, and Excel to efficient cloud-native scaling, to no-code drag-and-drop manipulation of data, to using conversational GPT for any step of analytics. As a result, with Savant, organizations are saving hundreds of hours by eliminating manual work and automating outcomes while lowering costs by over 50%.

“Savant has been transformative for our supply-chain analytics, and we now receive daily out-of-stock alerts directly in Slack, allowing us to take fast action,” said Julia Bedanova, Chief Operations Officer at Million Dollar Baby, a global manufacturer of children’s furniture. “With Savant’s drag-and-drop automation and generative AI capabilities, we automated analytics in just days, leveraging data from Databricks Lakehouse and partner systems. This otherwise would have taken our team weeks to months to achieve.”