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Playsee’s New AI Feature AILEX Transforms Social Media Into a First of Its Kind, Locally Connected Experience with Personalized Search

App users can now discover bespoke neighborhood-centric recommendations and topics with AILEX

Playsee – the fast-growing social media app that highlights local connections – today announced AILEX, a major feature release. AILEX is an AI chatbot and local expert that allows people to discover nearby places, and connect with others in their neighborhood and the local community around them. With AILEX, highly personalized local recommendations are just a quick chat away – from where to eat and drink, to hangout spots around town, nightlife, things to do, local businesses, and more.

AILEX is powered by AI and local knowledge. It caters to individual Playsee app users by providing personalized lifestyle recommendations. The new capability prompts users to learn more about them – asking questions such as “What kinds of things do you like to do?” – and proactively shares tailored recommendations. It prioritizes suggestions that are in users’ neighborhoods or surrounding areas.

What sets AILEX apart from other AI chatbots, search engines, and social media features is AILEX’s ability to combine the power of AI and local know-how enabling it to understand and grasp users’ needs and provide accessible lifestyle recommendations with summarized useful tips. Instead of having to sift through mountains of reviews or websites, AILEX does the heavy lifting.

People can have engaging conversations with AILEX about where to eat and drink, as well as activities and experiences to check out nearby. AILEX can also direct people to specific Playsee communities where advice and relevant posts centered around particular hobbies or topics are being shared by other local users with similar interests. For example, if someone enjoys yoga, they could ask the AILEX feature to find local yoga studios nearby that are suitable for their experience. Similarly, pet owners can discover where other pet parents walk their dogs or which groomers they recommend in the area. The suggestions and search results are nearby and easily accessible, and the feature also takes weather into account. For example, if it’s sunny outside, it recommends that users should visit an outdoor cafe. If it’s raining, it will recommend indoor activities instead.

For small businesses, AILEX helps to create local exposure and brings in nearby customers. It matches people to appropriate services and vendors based on their needs and location to bolster foot traffic.

AILEX takes online connectivity to the next level by suggesting communities for users to join to discuss things to do in their area and even find new friends who share an interest. Knowing that people are increasingly turning digital connections into real-life friendships once a comfort level is established online, Playsee is serving as the conduit to bring people closer.

“AILEX connects people with their neighborhood and creates a space that not only supports local exploration but also facilitates creating new relationships and connections in their community. The new in-app experience links people to small businesses, and each other, and ultimately strengthens the community,” said Terry Hu, Product Manager at Playsee. “Playsee’s AILEX product concept is built on proximity. People are naturally drawn to discovering things they are close to and places they are familiar with, hence the focus on making recommendations in users’ surroundings, which gives their social media content and search results as an additional layer of meaning. We are the first social media platform that fills this gap, and Playsee redefines how AI is rejuvenating social media apps, as well as how content is suggested on social media.”