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Planet DDS Announces New Partnership with Pearl to Expand Use of AI for Dental Imaging

The partnership will allow more dental practices across the U.S. to take advantage of the benefits of AI including increased patient confidence, improved case acceptance and higher production.

Planet DDS, the leading provider of cloud-based dental software, today announced a partnership with Pearl, among the industry’s most advanced radiologic AI software providers, to integrate Pearl’s AI technology into its Apteryx XVWeb Cloud Imaging software and all-in-one dental practice management solution, Denticon. The newly integrated solution will provide real-time, chairside decision support to dentists as they review X-ray images with patients, increasing confidence in clinical decisions, promoting proactive and preventative care, and enhancing dentist-patient relationships.

Despite a dentist’s desire to deliver the best possible care, there are challenges existing today in dentistry that can be mitigated with the help of AI. These include the evaluation of a patient’s X-rays. According to one study, 43% of caries in dental X-rays are undiagnosed and 20% of caries diagnosed in patients are not actually caries.

When patients doubt the accuracy of a diagnosis, they will often delay or avoid completion of important care. In a recent survey of 600 dental patients, a majority reported that they had on one or more occasions refused treatment (19%), sought a second opinion (25%) or switched dentists (32%) after receiving a radiologic diagnosis. Increasing the accuracy of diagnoses through visual support helps patients feel more confident when deciding to invest in their oral health.

With Pearl’s AI technology integrated into Apteryx XVWeb Cloud Imaging and Denticon Practice Management, these challenges are mitigated within the existing workflow without any need to log into a separate solution. Using the combined solution, practices have seen a marked improvement in diagnostic accuracy and patient experience:

  • 37% more true-positive disease detected
  • 28% less false-positive disease detected
  • 71% of patients will have more trust in the dentist’s diagnoses
  • 77% of patients will be more likely to choose a dentist who is using AI than a dentist who isn’t using AI

With the greater treatment volume and higher case acceptance rates that follow these results, practices using Pearl’s technology have benefited from production increases of more than 20 percent.

“Driving positive outcomes for dental practices is core to our mission at Planet DDS and we are excited to integrate Pearl’s AI technology with our cloud-based dental software platform,” says Eric Giesecke, CEO of Planet DDS. “Combining cloud and AI technologies will help practices optimize their operations while offering their patients more transparency and confidence in diagnosis and treatment planning.”

Pearl’s Second Opinion is the world’s most comprehensive radiologic AI software with FDA-clearance for numerous dental conditions in bitewing and periapical X-rays of patients 12 and older. It detects pathologies and other conditions in patient X-rays in real time for patient-facing display, helping dentists ensure the accuracy of their X-ray evaluations and enabling them to communicate diagnoses and treatment plans more accurately to patients.

“We founded Pearl to radically improve the accuracy, objectivity, and efficiency of dental medicine with the transformative power of artificial intelligence,” said Ophir Tanz, CEO of Pearl. “We are excited to partner with Planet DDS to broadly expand the use and positive impact of AI technology.”

Apteryx XVWeb is a cloud-based dental imaging solution that allows practices to store, view, and optimize clinical images for treatment planning. Designed to work with virtually all imaging devices and practice management solutions, Apteryx XVWeb offers anytime, anywhere access.