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123NET uses Adtran Mosaic software platform to deliver high-speed connectivity to Michigan communities

News summary:

  • Michigan service provider is rapidly scaling its infrastructure and boosting full-fiber connectivity for underserved regions

  • Expanded XGS-PON network delivers 10G connectivity to ignite economic growth

  • Adtran’s Mosaic One software-as-a-service platform gives 123NET end-to-end unified insight and control

Adtran today announced that 123NET is utilizing its scalable and flexible Mosaic software platform to rapidly roll out ultra-fast high-speed fiber broadband services across Michigan. The deployment leverages Adtran’s XGS-PON technology to connect the state’s diverse range of communities, including previously underserved areas. With Adtran’s Mosaic software platform, the service provider is able to offer tailored, high-quality connectivity to more customers and fully maximize the potential of its fiber-based network. 123NET is also using Adtran equipment to provide its customers with secure and robust in-home Wi-Fi services.

“With the flexibility of Adtran’s AI-driven Mosaic software and the support of its expert team, we’ve been able to push forward our commitment to improve connectivity in Michigan. Our expanding fiber-to-the-home infrastructure is growing into rural regions, ensuring no community is left behind. Now families in these underserved areas can enjoy the same high-speed, reliable connectivity as those living in dense urban environments,” said Chuck Irvin, executive vice president at 123NET. “Adtran’s Mosaic One software-as-a-service provides a comprehensive and unified view of our end-to-end network. With one pane of glass, we can provision new services, streamline previously manual operational tasks and tailor our offerings to meet our customers’ specific needs.”

With Adtran’s Mosaic software platform, 123NET can continue to offer its customers consistent, highly competitive pricing. Featuring AI-driven actionable intelligence and granular network control, the deployment leverages an agile service delivery framework, accelerating rollouts and reducing truck rolls. 123NET’s subscribers also benefit from a seamless in-home Wi-Fi experience. By using Adtran’s SDGs and Plume management system, 123NET can help customers tailor their Wi-Fi services to their specific needs. The system uses AI to learn about the customers’ home environments and automatically adjusts Wi-Fi to ensure optimum security, reliability and performance.

“With our Mosaic software’s easy scalability, 123NET has a highly efficient and sustainable route to rolling out exceptional ultra-fast services, transforming how communities live and work,” commented John Scherzinger, GM of Americas sales at Adtran. “But what we’re doing here is about more than just technology. We’re working closely with the team at 123NET to ensure they have everything they need to deliver reliable and robust full-fiber services to Michigan’s most underserved communities. From today, more Michiganders can leverage high-speed connectivity to participate in our increasingly digitized society. With no community left in the digital dark, job creation and economic growth are sure to follow. Make no mistake, this is a huge win for the Great Lakes State.”