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New AI-Powered Competitive Marketing Audit & Assessment Tool from Klick Health Gives Competitive Edge to Healthcare Marketers

Klick Site AiQ offers real-time insights on pharma websites, industry trends, and market dynamics

Klick Health today announced Klick Site AiQ™, an AI-driven marketing audit and assessment tool that helps life sciences organizations quickly optimize their brand strategies and enhance their market competitiveness.

Built on top of Klick’s proprietary MedOcean data lake, Klick Site AiQ regularly monitors pharma brand websites, leveraging generative AI to instantly audit and analyze multiple competitive brands’ online content. It then creates an AI scorecard that compares key life sciences criteria, including brand messaging, audience targeting, financial support programs, focus on mechanism of action or delivery, and accessibility based on content reading level.

Available immediately for Klick clients, the new tool also provides a convenient, real-time, wide-angle lens into the competitive landscape to help adapt marketing strategies and enhance brand positioning.

“We want to give pharma marketers the market intelligence they need, but don’t always have the time to capture,” said EVP of Data Science Alfred Whitehead. “Now, with Klick Site AiQ, they can be informed about ongoing changes to competitive brand websites, and benefit from unprecedented life sciences insights into market positioning and the evolving competitive landscape.”

Today’s announcement is the latest in the company’s ongoing AI and machine-learning innovations created to help Klick clients and team members work smarter. Earlier this month, the agency launched KCM+AI, the first AI social media comment moderator for the life sciences industry. In December, it announced the $1 million Klick Prize for Klicksters with brilliant AI ideas for clients; and, at the prestigious NeurIPS conference, it unveiled LOVENet, an AI framework that rapidly identifies new uses for existing drugs. In November, it introduced Genome Perspective, the first AI tool to be developed by an advertising agency to expedite project planning and increase the efficiency and velocity of delivery to clients; and, in September, it launched KlickRx, the first ChatGPT plugin for the life sciences industry in the U.S.