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IAB and MRC Release Augmented Reality Measurement Guidelines For Public Comment

Guidelines Define Metrics to Effectively Capture the Impact of AR Campaigns

Public Comment Open Until March 9, 2024

In collaboration, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Media Rating Council (MRC) have released their Augmented Reality (AR) Measurement Guidelines to establish clear and consistent definitions and measurement guidelines for ads within Augmented Reality campaigns. The guidelines are open for public comment for a 30-day period until March 9th, 2024.

The IAB AR Measurement Guidelines Task Force, working with MRC, set forth guidelines for advertisers and marketers to quantify how much media is delivered, and gauge how well their media achieved their business objectives within AR media campaigns.

“Brands are increasingly utilizing AR in their media campaigns to connect with consumers in more meaningful and immersive ways,” said Zoe Soon, VP, Experience Center, IAB. “The Augmented Reality advertising market is projected to generate $1.2 Billion in revenue in the U.S., this year. Thus, as an industry, we need to establish a greater consistency on how we define and measure AR advertising to foster fairness and transparency for buyers and sellers.”

To effectively capture the impact of AR campaigns, these guidelines set a framework to establish clear and consistent definitions for ad delivery, viewability, audience, engagement, and performance. The guidelines are inclusive of AR’s interactive and immersive formats as AR can accrue non-physical interactions with products as well as the physical interactions related to browsing in the context of attribution.

“The efforts to draft these guidelines involved developing a deep understanding of the AR measurement landscape. Through collaboration with the IAB AR Measurement Guidelines Task Force, we created a measurement framework for ad delivery, audience, engagement, and outcomes that provides consistency with other digital measurement while reflecting unique aspects of the AR environment,” added Ron Pinelli, SVP Digital Research and Standards, MRC. “This public comment period is an opportunity for all members of the digital advertising community – brands, publishers, agencies, and ad tech companies – to join the conversation and share their feedback regarding AR advertising measurement and work together to address the present and future of AR advertising experiences.”

“Over the last decade, we’ve seen first-hand the value augmented reality (AR) has for our community and for brands looking to engage consumers,” said Ty Ahmad-Taylor, Vice President, Product Growth, Snap Inc. “We’re excited to partner with IAB and MRC, and help the industry navigate effective AR campaign measurement. The AR Measurement Guidelines Task Force is playing a leading role in defining the future of AR advertising, and we look forward to using these guidelines to help partners maximize their AR outcomes.”