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Dstillery Integrates Trailblazing Ad Targeting Solutions with Cadent

Partnership Brings Dstillery’s Audience Solutions to Cadent’s Premium CTV and Digital Advertising Platform

Dstillery, the leader in AI ad targeting, today announced its audience solutions are now integrated with Cadent, the largest independent solutions provider for converged TV advertising. The partnership brings Dstillery’s patented data science to brands and agencies leveraging Cadent Aperture Platform for identifying target audiences, activating media, and analyzing campaigns to make the most of their media investments.

Through the Dstillery-Cadent partnership, Dstillery’s 10,000+ Pre-built user segments and hundreds of Pre-built models using ID-free® technology will be available in Cadent Aperture Platform – a solution used to unify planning, activation, and measurement across all TV and digital audiences.

Dstillery’s ID-free is a first-of-its-kind targeting technology representing a paradigm shift in programmatic advertising, prioritizing performance and privacy. Predicting the value of an impression to a brand without any knowledge of the user’s identity reshapes the landscape for advertisers seeking effective and privacy-safe targeting.

“TV advertising is seeing its greatest transformation ever as CTV ad spend closes in on linear spend and brands seek more effective targeting across their TV campaigns,” said Jennifer Zeghibe, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Dstillery. “With the combination of Dstillery’s AI technology and Cadent Aperture Platform, we are helping brands realize their full campaign potential and reach their most effective audiences no matter where those audiences are viewing.”

The integration allows advertisers to access time-relevant data and gain actionable insights into Pre-built audiences in real time through Dstillery’s Audience Studio. This self-service platform enables advertisers to easily create and activate audiences in a demand-side platform (DSP).

“Cadent Aperture Platform is designed to unify the fragmented data and media ecosystem of converged television, enabling advertisers to reach audiences across screens, devices, and platforms,” said Jason Attanasio, Senior Director, Business Development at Cadent. “Integrating Dstillery’s innovative AI data solutions will allow us to continue to support our advertising clients’ need for performance and precision targeting.”

Dstillery continues to lead the industry in harnessing data science and AI with 21 patents to date. The Company most recently announced its latest technology developed on OpenAI, Audience Brief Genius, to revolutionize audience discovery for programmatic campaigns. Dstillery has been widely honored by industry publications and associations, including AdExchanger, Ad Age, Adweek, Business Intelligence Group, Fast Company, and IAB Tech Lab.