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Dataminr Announces Its 2023 AI for Good Partners

Dataminr is offering tailored AI solutions to support social good organizations in their efforts to benefit society and the planet

Dataminr, one of the world’s leading AI companies, today announced its 2023 AI for Good partners: Insecurity Insight, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Ushahidi. In May 2023, Dataminr began accepting applications for its AI for Good program, a partnership that allows NGOs and multilateral organizations to collaborate with Dataminr AI scientists to turn their compelling ideas for how to benefit society and the planet into tailored AI solutions.

“The projects we selected are unique in thematic focus and geography,” said Joel Tetreault, Senior Director of Research at Dataminr, “but each contributes to improving the ability of AI to deliver on important social impact requirements. This includes expanding real-time event detection to new humanitarian contexts and enhancing machine comprehension with limited training data.”

After a rigorous selection process, these organizations were chosen to deliver the following humanitarian and development solutions:

  • Insecurity Insight: Dataminr will work with Insecurity Insight to automate the identification and classification of attacks targeting food systems, ensuring that Insecurity Insight’s humanitarian partners on the ground can know sooner and act faster. This will complement Insecurity Insight’s existing work on aid security, health education, and protection that enables them to regularly share updates on violence affecting the aid sector.
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP): Dataminr will partner with UNDP’s Risk Anticipation Hub to expand its current detection capabilities to discover events like inter-communal and gender-based violence. Resulting AI models will improve UNDP’s ability to identify and mitigate a broader range of risks, and help to address the drivers and root causes of conflict and other types of crisis.
  • Ushahidi: Ushahidi empowers people through citizen-generated data to develop solutions that drive good governance, humanitarian relief and human rights protection. Having received hundreds of thousands of crowdsourced reports to their Kenyan deployment, Ushahidi and Dataminr are partnering with the goal to automate categorization of these messages based on language and content—allowing Ushahidi to more quickly and efficiently share information with impacted communities.

The AI for Good program is a collaborative, research-based initiative led by Dataminr’s Social Innovation Lab. Over the course of the next three to nine months, Dataminr researchers will work closely with the selected social good partners to define the scope of each project, iterating as more information comes to light about the research question and potential technical solutions.

“We launched the program earlier this year and issued a call for applications for the first time,” said Sirene Abou-Chakra, Director of Dataminr’s Social Innovation Lab. “I’m proud to say that the response was overwhelming. We received applications from a diverse pool of organizations from all corners of the globe—all eager to create innovative solutions that help to accelerate AI-driven progress and change.”