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Dstillery Unveils AI Connected TV Offering Powered by Patented ID-free® Technology

Brands Can Leverage AI to Find The Most Relevant Content For Their Target Audiences 

Dstillery, the leader in AI ad targeting, announced today a new Connected TV (CTV) solution that applies its patented ID-free® technology to reach priority audiences more effectively. Dstillery’s custom CTV offering empowers media buyers to leverage AI to find the genres and networks that resonate most with their target customers, eliminating the need to manually find or set up Private Marketplace (PMP) Deal IDs.

The unique approach focuses on understanding inventory relevance to an audience. Dstillery’s CTV solution understands the complex relationship between a brand’s audience’s online content consumption patterns and CTV genres and networks. That understanding, in combination with brand keywords, enables Dstillery to determine the best content to drive performance on CTV.

“Dstillery’s solution is altering premium CTV targeting as we know it. Advertisers can now take powerful AI-driven audience insights and apply them to CTV without using identifiers,” said Mark Jung, Vice President of Product at Dstillery. “It has been designed so brands can target the most pertinent CTV bid opportunities to maximize ROI.”

The solution, designed to make CTV advertising more data-driven and efficient, doesn’t require traditional CTV device graph layering. Dstillery works directly with Supply-Side Partners (SSPs), including Xandr Curate and OpenX, to create custom PMPs for easy activation on Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs).

“As CTV continues to grow, the ecosystem will require solutions that improve targeting and transparency in biddable environments,” said Michael Guzewicz, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at OpenX. “With that, partners like Dstillery are a key part of OpenX’s commitment to prioritizing both innovation and quality as programmatic continues to evolve.”

Dstillery has been widely recognized as an industry leader for its ID-free targeting technology. Its achievements are underscored by recent results where ID-free outperformed its client’s benchmark by 50%. The Company recently announced its 19th patent for its unique machine-learning capabilities.