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Babel Street Announces Insights GPT, New AI-Powered Decision Intelligence Tool Accelerates Speed to Insights

Insights GPT empowers customers with deeper context and new ways to deliver faster, trusted insights from vast volumes of publicly and commercially available information

Babel Street, the world’s leading data-to-knowledge company, today announced the launch of Insights GPT. This generative AI tool delivers critical analysis from publicly and commercially available information (PAI/CAI) at an unprecedented speed. Babel Street is piloting the new technology with select customers this summer.

With access to over 500 petabytes of open source and dark web data, Babel Street has nearly 3X the reach capabilities of leading search engines. The Babel Street Insights Platform also includes the most robust cross-lingual support available, sourcing information in more than 200 languages from news and media reports to social network and public forum posts.

Insights GPT further capitalizes on Babel Street’s powerful and intuitive interface that empowers organizations to rapidly unlock the most insights that matter. Insights GPT provides a new layer of essential analysis for teams that require contextual understanding and rapid response. The conversational AI delivers a collaborative approach that harnesses the power of generative AI alongside human expertise that significantly accelerates critical insights for companies and government agencies.

“Incorporating generative AI is a significant milestone in data analytics and decision intelligence,” said Michael Southworth, CEO of Babel Street. “Insights GPT serves as a force multiplier for public and private sector organizations worldwide by dramatically improving speed to insight. In tandem with AI, analysts can more quickly detect patterns and have the context they need to make the most informed critical decisions.”

The new Insights GPT tool offers a tailored and controlled experience, enabling users to refine their input sources using various filters based on their specific needs for verification and authority requirements. By leveraging the Insights document library, users can access a wealth of analysis-ready data, facilitating the rapid discovery of focused and prioritized information. Insights GPT ensures continuous and persistent context understanding throughout the ongoing analysis process. This effortless tool empowers users with more control over the data they analyze and boosts trust in their findings.

Examples of Insights GPT’s key features include:

  • Effective human-machine teaming: combines human expertise with AI to develop insights, recommendations, and visualizations based on the analyzed data, offering collaboration that produces superior insights
  • Entity based summarization: delivers concise, quickly formatted summaries, insights, and analysis of key people, organizations, and locations delivering an easy-to-understand format for efficient decision-making
  • Pre-filtering capabilities for trusted data: enables tailored data pools for specific needs, giving users control and trust in the output, accuracy, and reliability
  • Sentiment analysis: analyzes PAI to identify and analyze the sentiment, opinions, and emotions expressed within the gathered information which can be especially important in market research, brand management, political analysis, and more
  • Precision intelligence: returns direct responses, rather than results, for naturally formed questions making the tool user-friendly and efficient
  • Streamlined sharing: makes sharing your formatted analysis within your organization simple and intuitive, fostering broader collaboration and accessibility
  • Accurate translation: facilitates natural language understanding and generation to create conversational results for summaries, insights, and analysis in more than 200 languages enhancing global understanding and comprehension

Insights GPT is among the latest new features for the Babel Street Insights platform and part of a growing suite of solutions for organizations that require advanced analysis for threat intelligence, identity resolution, and risk mitigation. Insights GPT will be available for select customers through a pilot period of the new technology, with planned broader availability later this summer.