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eGain Launches One-of-a-Kind Pilot Program for Generative AI

eGain Corporation, the leading AI Knowledge platform for customer engagement automation, today announced the launch of a unique pilot program to help businesses adopt generative AI in a risk-free way—eGain® Innovation in 30 Days™ for Generative AI.

Unlike sandboxes and “toy” pilots, eGain Innovation in 30 Days™ is a guided innovation consumption model that is safe, easy, and risk-free. Businesses can experience the capabilities of generative AI within days. This disruptive offer includes:

  • Your use case
    • Identify a high value/high impact use case to enable better CX and/or EX (employee experience) with generative AI
  • Our pilot
    • Technology: GPT for generative AI, integrated with our award-winning AI knowledge platform
    • Deployment: eGain Cloud
    • Implementation: Two weeks of discovery, design, and configuration
    • Production: Two weeks of operation

The business can experience the generative AI and knowledge capability for two weeks in a production setting and decide to either move forward or quit with no strings attached—no cost, no catch, and no commitment!

“eGain Knowledge Hub orchestrates many AI technologies across the knowledge creation, delivery, and optimization process,” said Ashu Roy, eGain CEO. “This offer will focus on a compelling use-case for generative AI with a novel, risk-free approach to innovate with it boldly.”