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AI in Commerce
Threekit Launches Visual Discovery AI to Revolutionize eCommerce Shopping
Brands with extensive product catalogs often face the challenge of inspiring eCommerce shoppers to find products they love within a few seconds. Threekit addresses this issue with the launch of Visual Discovery AI, a tool designed to connect shoppers with the right products based on their personal input. Read More
AI-Powered Birdseye Revolutionizes Retail Inventory Liquidation
Birdseye, an emerging leader in AI-driven retail and e-commerce marketing, has introduced new features to its autonomous email marketing platform. These enhancements enable retailers to efficiently liquidate inventory using Birdseye's advanced AI capabilities. This article explores how Birdseye's new features help retailers manage inventory more effectively through hyper-personalized, hands-off email marketing campaigns. Read More
HawkSearch Athena Update: Transforming eCommerce with GenAI Smart Responses
Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLIN), a global leader in AI-driven marketing technology, announces the launch date of its highly anticipated HawkSearch "Athena" update on June 13, 2024. This update introduces innovative GenAI capabilities, specifically "Smart Responses," designed to revolutionize customer interactions with search and drive increased engagement and revenue for businesses. Read More
Algolia Unveils AI Personalization to Revolutionize E-Commerce Experiences
Algolia, renowned for its end-to-end AI Search solutions, has announced the launch of AI Personalization. This groundbreaking feature allows merchandisers and developers to offer tailored content to each online visitor by leveraging detailed insights from user behavior, preferences, feedback, and attributes, even in the absence of explicit information. The result is a highly individualized user experience that enhances performance and streamlines setup and ongoing optimization efforts. Read More
Launch Cart's AI-Powered Ad Platform,, Delivers Exceptional Early Results
Launch Cart, a leading eCommerce solutions provider, proudly announces early results from its cutting-edge AI ads platform, This innovative platform leverages artificial intelligence to streamline and enhance advertising campaigns across major digital platforms, making it a game-changer for digital marketers. Read More
Revolutionizing Sneaker Culture: Reebok Impact Unveils Custom AI Fashion on Instagram
Reebok, the renowned sports culture brand, pioneers a groundbreaking initiative, “Reebok Impact,” introducing a custom AI fashion experience on Instagram. This venture transcends conventional sneaker culture by empowering everyday consumers to harness new technology, crafting AI-infused, personalized digital sneakers. Read More
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