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NinjaCat Unveils AI Insights Generator to Revolutionize Marketing Reports
NinjaCat, an AI-enabled data and analytics platform designed for marketing, has announced the launch of its innovative AI Insights Generator. This new feature transforms raw data into compelling, narrative-based summaries, significantly enhancing the efficiency and quality of marketing reports. Read More
Understanding Consumer Preferences in Digital Advertising: Insights from Smartly's Inaugural Report
Smartly, a leader in AI-powered advertising technology, has unveiled its first-ever digital creative report, "The State of Digital Creative: What Do Consumers Really Want From Ads?" This comprehensive global research provides invaluable insights into consumer preferences and engagement with digital ads, equipping marketers with the knowledge to enhance their creative strategies throughout the marketing funnel. Read More
Kaspersky report shows just how common scams are becoming on popular apps and websites
Kaspersky’s latest survey report, “Digital Uncertainty: Scams, Privacy and Artificial Intelligence,” sheds light on the pervasive presence of scams across online platforms and escalating privacy apprehensions among users. Principal Security Researcher Kurt Baumgartner underscores the need for heightened vigilance and basic security measures to combat online threats. Read More
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