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Wordly Surpasses Milestones in AI Translation and Captioning

 Wordly Surpasses Milestones in AI Translation and Captioning
Wordly Passes 3 Million User Milestone for AI Translation and Captions Solution

Wordly, the forefront provider of live AI translation and captions, celebrates surpassing key user milestones, indicating remarkable growth and demand for language services. This achievement underscores Wordly’s position as a leader in innovation and market share since its inception in 2019.

  1. AI Milestones and Sales Growth:
    • Exceeds 3 million AI translation users.
    • Conducts over 80 thousand AI translation sessions.
    • Accumulates more than 400 million AI translation minutes.
    • Achieves over 100% year-over-year sales growth.
    • Demonstrates continuous product innovation.
  2. Market Leadership and Innovation:
    • Wordly pioneered the live AI translation and caption market.
    • Renowned for product innovation, quality, and market dominance.
    • Provides real-time translation in 50+ languages, including recent additions.
    • Introduces new API for easier file uploads and subtitle creation.
    • Enhances mobile app and infrastructure for improved user experience and security.
  3. CEO’s Vision and Ambitious Plans:
    • Lakshman Rathnam, CEO of Wordly, emphasizes customer-centric approach.
    • Plans to expand language coverage, advanced features, and integration partnerships.
    • Focuses on enhancing translation quality and user convenience.
  4. Global Demand and Customer Base:
    • Over 1,500 customers across 60+ countries.
    • Diverse clientele spanning various industries including technology, finance, healthcare, and more.
    • Wordly partners with leading organizations to promote inclusivity and accessibility at global events.
  5. Partnerships and Event Engagements:
    • Collaborations with prominent events industry organizations.
    • Recent and upcoming events showcasing Wordly’s AI technology.

Wordly’s achievements underscore its commitment to providing seamless language solutions in an increasingly globalized world. With continuous innovation and a growing customer base, Wordly remains at the forefront of live AI translation and captioning, driving inclusivity and accessibility across various sectors and events worldwide.