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unitQ Unveils AI Analysis of User Feedback for OpenAI’s New ChatGPT iOS App

Spring 2023 State of Mobile Applications benchmarking report analyzed 22 million Google Play Store and Apple App Store reviews for 5,300 Android and iOS mobile apps, providing compelling feedback on ChatGPT iOS App

unitQ, the leading AI platform empowering organizations to take a user-centric, real-time data-driven approach to craft high quality products, services, and experiences, announced today that its AI-powered user feedback software has analyzed what users like, dislike, and want from OpenAI’s new ChatGPT iOS application.

unitQ’s advanced AI translated, categorized, and summarized ChatGPT App Store reviews, providing a comprehensive and unbiased perspective on areas of success and opportunities for improvement for OpenAI’s revolutionary generative AI mobile application.

unitQ’s analysis revealed that the ChatGPT iOS app, which has been routinely updated following the app’s May 18 debut, has been well-received by users for its clean interface and copy/paste functionality. Users also love the app for its speed, simplicity, reliability and lack of ads and fees.

However, users have complained about overheating, battery drain, syncing issues, haptic feedback and accessibility issues. Users want plugin and Siri support, as well as math formula rendering features, and improved account creation.

OpenAI has clearly been listening to its users, and in just two weeks’ time, has included iPad support, upgraded right-to-left language support, altered its haptic feedback, enhanced speech recognition, and added a host of other features and refinements such as the ability to clear chat history while expanding to more countries.

“unitQ’s goal is to help companies improve the quality of their products, services, and experiences by providing real-time, actionable AI-powered insights into user feedback,” said Christian Wiklund, unitQ CEO.

unitQ’s analysis filtered out thousands of reviews in which users only left stars, but did not provide written comments. Of these written reviews, more than half revealed feature requests. The remainder of reviews concerned bugs and quality issues, many of which OpenAI has been addressing.

Here are some key bugs in order of frequency, according to written reviews:

  • Overheating issues
  • Can’t sign up
  • Device not compatible
  • Excessive battery drain
  • Difficult to navigate UI
  • Crashing
  • Force closing
  • Subscription upgrade not recognized
  • Fails to launch
  • Can’t login with Google
  • Voice mode not working
  • No customer support
  • Unsatisfactory behavior

*Following a recent ChatGPT update on iOS last week, the user reviews were erased from the App Store. unitQ had parsed the reviews before they were reset.

The power of AI to understand real time user feedback at scale

unitQ’s AI analysis of ChatGPT’s iOS application’s user feedback underscores the power of unitQ’s platform to surface insights from real time user feedback by automatically categorizing and summarizing user pain points, product gaps, trending issues and bugs to empower organizations to deliver high-quality experiences.

In unitQ’s Spring 2023 State of Mobile Applications benchmarking report, released today, unitQ has analyzed 22,225,825 pieces of publicly available Google Play Store and Apple App Store user reviews for more than 5,300 top Android and iOS mobile applications. Real time insights from user feedback were translated, categorized and summarized using unitQs proprietary AI and ML algorithms to surface:

  • Top Quality Issues
  • Top feature requests
  • Trending 4-star reviews on brink of a 5-star review
  • Top 50 apps driving quality excellence

Top user complaints across all verticals are slow performance, force closing or crashing, and too many advertisements with a combined total of 421,954 pieces of user feedback left for these issues.

Top Quality Issues by vertical are nuanced with unique categories appearing such as “Subscription too expensive” for education apps, “Can’t transfer funds” for finance apps, and “Excessive storage usage” for gaming apps.

Of the 22,225,825 pieces of feedback analyzed, 566,796 surfaced feature requests. A few examples include gamers wanting more individual analytics about their performance for gaming apps, students wanting a more customized user experience for education apps, and listeners wanting the ability to exclude certain artists from music apps.

Apps with the highest quality excellence in Spring 2023 include: TikTok, Coursera, Rocket Mortgage, Turo, 23andMe, Ten Percent Happier and more. See the Top 50 Quality Excellence Awards winners: Quality Excellence Awards here

Artificial intelligence to identify gaps, growth opportunities

Becoming a user-centric organization requires a deep and personal understanding of the people using today’s products. Powered by machine learning and AI, unitQ captures real time user feedback in more than 100 languages from more than four dozen sources — including Amazon, the Apple App Store, Discord, Google Play Store, Reddit, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more. unitQ also integrates with productivity tools such as GitHub Issues, Jira, PagerDuty, Slack and Zendesk to alert users on key customer issues in any language, location or platform.

Now, with unitQ, product, engineering, support, and customer experience leaders get access to a single source of truth for real-time user feedback to inform their product roadmap, alert on bugs, proactively resolve support issues, and gauge sentiment to ensure the best possible customer experience. unitQ is providing companies with a new way to stay close to their users with real-times insights into what their users think, feel, and experience.