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Thinkific’s A.I-Powered Creator Monetization Platform The Leap, Surpasses 6,500 Users in First Month

  • The Leap by Thinkific launched the content monetization platform to an eager waitlist in early October

  • Over 5,000 digital products created, with more being added every day

Thinkific Labs Inc., a leading platform for creating, marketing, and selling online learning products, today announced that ‘The Leap by Thinkific’ (“The Leap”) — a powerful AI tool for content creators and influencers to easily get started and quickly monetize through digital products — has surpassed 6500 users in its first month.

Since its release on October 4th, early adopters have created an impressive 5,000 digital products and counting. Instagram educator and speaker, Laura Bitoiu of bsquared.social is an early success story, generating over 400 leads for her business since launching a lead magnet using The Leap.

“It was totally seamless and stress-free to create a new digital product from scratch. I’m an overthinker, which sometimes stops me from getting started but The Leap made it so easy,” says Laura Bitoiu, Founder of bsquared.social. “The interface was incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. I loved the template options and the AI tools to get started.”

Core to the Leap’s first-of-its-kind digital product tool is the AI-powered content creation that allows Creators to input a content idea and generate high-quality drafts of digital products — like mini-courses, guides, tutorials, and more — in minutes. This speed and ease of use is helping to drive the rapid uptick in users and positive sentiment around the platform.

The Leap has everything a Creator needs to launch their online business in a single end-to-end platform. The link-in-bio storefront feature enables the Creator to accept payments and distribute and promote their digital products. This investment into helping Creators get started faster, allows Thinkific to expand its addressable market by serving a new segment of customers. For Creators and customers, The Leap enables them to monetize their audience faster than ever before.

“We are pleased by the early growth of The Leap,” says Cameron Uganec, GM of the Leap. “This shows Creators are adopting AI at a fast rate and that there is demand for mobile-optimized digital products. Learning products can be as engaging as a TikTok or an Instagram story, and our users have been proving it every day “