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Text Paraphrasing and Image Design AI Released As Next New Features in Evolv AI’s Generative AI Summer Product Launches

A continuation of its innovative generative AI tool offerings, Evolv AI announces two new features for e-commerce leaders to make digital experimentation and personalization efforts more seamless.

 In its new generative AI product development series, Evolv AI has added two new features — text paraphrasing and image design — to its personalization and experimentation platform. Text paraphrasing enables e-commerce teams to rapidly generate copy ideas for experimentations/tests and preview AI-recommended copy all in one solution, the Evolv AI Web Editor. The AI image design tool allows teams to instantly generate new images to test from a simple text description and refine images without straining design team resources. Coupled with the description to design feature deployed last month, these new tools empower brands to deliver higher-performing experiences and accelerate experience optimization.

Evolv AI is the maker of the world’s leading intelligent digital experience optimization and personalization platform, and announces these new features as the second release in its series of generative AI tools added to the Evolv AI Web Editor. Aiming to revolutionize the personalization and experimentation landscape, Evolv AI empowers businesses to own and accelerate the end-to-end process — from idea to test to true customer personalization. By harnessing the power of generative AI, the company will help brands and agencies undergo massive (and sustainable) digital transformation that leads to higher customer satisfaction through increased creativity and customer-centric growth from improved experimentation.

“With the continuation of our generative AI launches, we grow more enthused about the possibilities each new feature opens up for Evolv AI customers,” said Tyler Foster, CTO and co-founder at Evolv AI. “The text paraphrasing and images design tools are specifically designed for experimenters and organizations committed to delivering exceptional digital experiences and accelerating experimentation without bottlenecks.”

Evolv AI is committed to providing solutions to teams and organizations who value experimentation and testing as integral to building exceptional digital experiences and seek to capitalize on the massive opportunity AI provides. Evolv AI’s introduction of generative AI capabilities for experimentation further underscores its commitment to making testing more effective and accessible to various industries and job functions responsible for personalization and experimentation efforts. By advancing creative ideation methods and processes, businesses can increase test velocity and speed to market, allowing them to gain a competitive edge. The generative AI features reduce the strain on teams, often overburdened, by enabling rapid test and image creation on the same platform they run experiments.

Michael Scharff, CEO and co-founder of Evolv AI, stated, “With the rising prominence of AI tools for ecommerce leaders, Evolv AI continues to spearhead the charge, offering unparalleled opportunities for teams to unleash their full creative potential. These additional features’ beta releases showcase our dedication to revolutionizing digital experiences and strengthening our position as a pioneering leader within the industry.”