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Interactions Expands Its Industry-Leading Technology Portfolio with Two New Patents

126th, 127th patents will enhance collaboration between AI and humans to fuel better customer experiences

Interactions, the world leader in conversational artificial intelligence (AI), today announced it has secured two new patents to advance its industry-leading platform. With 127 patents, the company holds one of the largest portfolios in the conversational AI industry. The new patents will enhance collaboration between AI and humans in customer service, creating better experiences for customers and agents alike.

“AI is one of the fastest-changing technologies in the world, impacting a broad range of industries. Companies have to move just as fast to stay competitive,” said Dr. Srinivas Bangalore, senior vice president of engineering at Interactions. “Our team at Interactions is always working to advance our platform. We’ve accumulated a vast strategic patent portfolio by constantly pushing the art of the possible to ensure we deliver the best possible user experience to the companies we work with.”

Interactions has always believed that AI and humans work better together. The company’s proprietary Adaptive Understanding™ technology harnesses this strength, blending the most advanced conversational AI on the market with real-time human understanding to ensure seamless, productive customer experiences (CX). The two new patents will build on the company’s existing work and allow Interactions to continue advancing its Human Assisted Understanding (HAU) models.

  • Automated Workflow Selection for Agent Within an Electronic Conversation System (U.S. Patent No. 11,625,152) leverages data analysis to prompt agents with on-screen workflows to fulfill customer requests. For example, when a customer calls to book a hotel room, the agent will immediately be prompted with the next steps on-screen. This capability takes Interactions’ existing intent understanding technology one step further, from comprehension to execution, to significantly streamline the agent experience and ensure a seamless customer experience.
  • Virtual Assistant Architecture for Natural Language Understanding in a Customer Service System (U.S. Patent No. 11,606,463) evaluates confidence in AI’s comprehension or ability to execute a request, and determines if and when to connect a customer with a person for assistance. This is critical because many AI applications do not understand their own limitations, which can lead to dead ends, mishaps, or even misinformation. This patent allows confidence evaluation and any necessary handoffs to happen in real time, facilitating a better end-user experience.

Together, these patents enable better collaboration between AI and agents in customer service. This improves the experience for all parties involved in customer care. Agents can focus exclusively on the tasks that require their attention, and manage these tasks more efficiently with real-time prompts. Customers, in turn, receive faster, more convenient service, and businesses benefit from improved operational efficiency and greater customer satisfaction.

These patents add to Interactions’ impressive portfolio, which includes rights to more than 1,400 additional patents. This expansive library enables the company to continue to uplevel both the agent and customer experience. Learn more about Interactions’ unique blend of AI and human understanding here.