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TeamSupport Introduces AI Capabilities for Ticketing and Live Chat

TeamSupport, a leading provider of support ticketing and live chat solutions, announced today that it has launched several AI-powered features to help customers deliver exceptional support at scale.

“AI is rapidly transforming the way companies do business,” says TeamSupport CEO Pete Khanna. “We’re excited to unveil several AI-powered features that will allow our customers to perform fewer manual tasks, improve agent efficiency, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction with faster resolution times.”

Among the new features is sentiment analysis, which monitors chat conversations and detects a customer’s tone based on their responses so support supervisors can see how chats are going at a glance and offer support if necessary. TeamSupport has also added automated chat and support ticket summarization so agents can get up to speed quickly and customers can get faster resolutions to ongoing issues no matter how many people are working on the case.

TeamSupport can also analyze your conversations and provide suggested solutions to common issues, drawing from your company’s knowledge base. While other popular AI tools like ChatGPT search the Internet for solutions, TeamSupport provides relevant information specific to your product.

To tie all together, TeamSupport is introducing Improvement Recommendations. This tool analyzes all actions taken on a ticket and evaluates various factors, including the agents’ responses, customer sentiment, and resolution methods, to provide insightful suggestions on how to better support customers in similar situations in the future. With continued use, the AI will assist agents in closing tickets more swiftly and efficiently, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for both the support team and the customers they serve.

“AI is not just a buzzword; it’s a transformative force that’s reshaping the landscape of customer support,” says Eric Harrington, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer at TeamSupport. “By integrating AI-powered features into our platform, we’re not only revolutionizing the support experience but also setting a new standard for proactive problem-solving and customer satisfaction in the industry.”