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Seekr Civility Score™ Awarded Patent for Automatic Scoring and Analysis of Audio Content

Responsible LLM applied to Seekr’s Align platform manages brand safety and suitability across the entire spectrum of audio content

Seekr, an artificial intelligence company specializing in transparent content evaluation and generative AI, announced today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued it a new patent (No. 11,893,981) for developing a novel scoring system that identifies personal attacks in online audio content. Beginning with podcasts and extending to transcripts, closed captioning, audible books, and social media, Seekr AI contextually evaluates audio and generates a Civility Score™ that reflects the volume and severity of attacks within each piece of content.

The patented innovation is one of several industry-specific signals measured by Seekr’s Align content evaluation platform, which debuted last month. Align combines Seekr’s technical expertise in web-scale search, content processing, pattern recognition, and signals analysis with task-specific LLMs to understand the meaning of words, nuance in language, and broader context.

Seekr applies these capabilities to help organizations evaluate and rate all types of large, unstructured data sources against industry standards. Seekr formally introduced the Civility Score™ last month with an initial application as a brand safety and suitability solution for podcasts.

“The Civility Score™ establishes a new standard that goes far beyond current brand safety and suitability standards by recognizing that how a topic is discussed is as important as what is being discussed,” said Rob Clark, President and Chief Technology Officer at Seekr.

The invention applies AI to solve a business challenge for marketers in the multi-billion-dollar podcast advertising space: how to accurately evaluate the brand suitability of audio programming in a market comprising hundreds of millions of audio episodes.

“This challenge could only have been solved by combining superior computing power with novel signal detection,” said Clark. “The Civility Score™ synthesizes dozens of considerations into a single metric that opens the door to more brand-suitable opportunities and larger audiences.”

The Civility Score™ benefits both advertisers and content creators: it simplifies the challenges marketers face in identifying brand-suitable advertising opportunities at scale, and it enables content creators to make a compelling case to advertisers that their content is safe.

The Civility Score™ gives organizations an automated technical solution that helps them accurately differentiate between content that divides and polarizes, and content that breeds trust, fosters customer loyalty, and strengthens brand perception.