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TARS Solutions Launches, Offering Robotic Security Solutions and A.I. Powered Surveillance System Monitoring

EPIC Security Works, trusted California Bay Area Provider of effective security services for over 23 years, is proud to announce their new venture, TARS Solutions (Total Automated Robotic Security). Offering solutions for Automated Robotic Security and Facility Monitoring, TARS Solutions will focus on deployment of technology-driven device applications, harnessing Artificial Intelligence powered, fully automated patrol devices, and 24/7 Live Remote Surveillance Monitoring. TARS aims to help organizations greatly expand their facility safety through a robust security matrix including, but not limited to, A.I. deterrent devices, security camera monitoring, and facility & lot access control at a drastically reduced cost.

TARS Solutions has partnered with industry leading technology providers, Robotic Assistance Devices (R.A.D.) and Centralized Vision, to provide a full array of Robotic and Artificial Intelligence driven solutions, including Automated Security Patrols, Automated Gate Guards, Security Trailer Cameras, Automated Verified Facility Access, Live Video Monitoring, Access Control Systems and Automated Parking Lot Safety, leveraging cutting edge robotics security technology and utilizing state of the art 24/7 monitoring centers.

By deploying TARS Solutions and its devices at your business, clients will gain increased peace-of-mind that their facilities and sites are secured around the clock at a fraction of the cost to comparable physical security patrols and on-site, staffed monitoring.  View the array of technology-driven solutions, devices, case studies and current real-world use cases at TARSSolutions.com.

“We, at TARS Solutions, are extremely excited to launch this new venture. With a spectrum of market leading partners in the space, security solutions will become a living ecosystem; resulting in a dramatic reduction in costs with an evolutionary improvement in safety. At this effectiveness level, access by any business becomes one of simplicity.”- John Windsor, TARS CEO