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ConcertAI’s TeraRecon Adds Mirada Medical to its AI Partner Program and Comprehensive Oncology Imaging Solutions

ConcertAI’s TeraRecon, the advanced visualization and clinical AI SaaS company, announced today the integration of MiradaXD, the multi-modality nuclear medicine imaging software by Mirada Medical, into its AI partner program. This expands its ability to support cancer care providers with comprehensive oncology imaging solutions.

Mirada Medical’s innovative software solutions, developed by world-leading experts in medical imaging, address a range of cancer-related challenges, from the automation of tumor segmentation and tracking to personalized treatment planning and response assessment. Mirada’s toolset streamlines workflow enabling clinicians to efficiently, accurately and quickly identify cancerous and healthy anatomy for optimal diagnosis. Physicians can easily communicate critical findings with the patients’ providers throughout the health system by exporting detailed tables, graphs as well as export of key images. Its wide range of clinical workflows allow quantitative PET/CT reading, hybrid PET/MR interpretation and software-based PET/MR and SPECT/MR fusion and more making Mirada a mission critical solution.

“We are thrilled to partner with TeraRecon to bring our solutions to a wider audience of cancer care providers,” said Jon DeVries, CEO of Mirada Medical. “TeraRecon’s Intuition is a highly innovative solution that perfectly complements our technology, enabling seamless integration into clinical workflows and delivering clear value to oncology patients and clinicians alike. Clinicians will also now be able to access longitudinal patient data, ultimately empowering them to offer better, personalized care.”

TeraRecon’s Intuition solution offers a comprehensive suite of advanced visualization and clinical workflow tools, designed to optimize the use of medical imaging data across multiple care settings. With the integration of Mirada Medical’s solutions, Intuition now provides a more complete and personalized oncology imaging offering, enabling more accurate and efficient diagnosis, treatment planning, and monitoring of cancer patients.

“We are excited to join forces with Mirada Medical to bring the best of both companies’ solutions to the market,” said Dan McSweeney, President and CEO of TeraRecon. “Our shared mission is to provide innovative technologies that help improve patient outcomes and enhance clinician experience. We believe that the integration of Mirada’s multi modality imaging solutions into Intuition will be a game-changer for cancer care providers, offering a unique combination of advanced visualization and our AI-powered analytics.”