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Starbox Unveils StarboxAI – ViPro Module with Text-to-Video Feature to Promote Creativity and Accelerate the Design Process in Content Creation

Starbox Group Holdings Ltd., a service provider of cash rebates, digital advertising, and payment solutions with a goal of becoming a comprehensive artificial intelligence (“AI”) solutions provider within Southeast Asia, proudly announces the launch of the StarboxAI – ViPro module, featuring an innovative text-to-video function. The StarboxAI – ViPro module’s Text-to-Video feature allows content creators to translate text instructions or scripts into visually engaging video content. This technology enables the generation of a mass library of short video content, reducing the time to create a video, and is particularly designed to produce content for social media.

By leveraging the StarboxAI – ViPro module, content creators can have access to greater efficiency with creativity in one tool that allows for seamless integration into existing production workflow, enabling the delivery of a diverse range of promotional videos while maintaining an active social media presence, all at a fraction of the time compared to conventional methods.

Mr. Lee Choon Wooi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Starbox, expressed his enthusiasm: “The StarboxAI – ViPro module increases the efficiency of creating video content. By seamlessly integrating text-to-video conversion into existing workflows, we are simplifying video production, making content creation more accessible. This feature underscores Starbox’s commitment to innovation and enhancement of productivity across various industries, as we endeavour to assist our partners in their efforts create engaging video content more effortlessly.”