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Reality Defender Launches Best-In-Class Generative Text Detection

Reality Defender, the award-winning deepfake and AI-generated content detection platform, announced today the launch of its Text Detection feature. An extension of the company’s work in detecting AI-driven disinformation and malicious content, Text Detection is now available to Reality Defender’s enterprise, government, and platform clients, allowing users to detect text generated by a Large Language Model (LLM).

Reality Defender’s Text Detection requires as few as 200 characters to determine if a text file or excerpt was written by a person or generated by an LLM. Launching with English Language capabilities and over 99.82% efficiency, Text Detection is platform agnostic, detecting text generated by any LLM, including popular options like ChatGPT, Bard, Claude, Bing AI, and countless others.

“Text Detection represents a monumental leap forward in our clients’ ability to discern synthetic content from human-created text,” says Ben ColmanCo-Founder and CEO of Reality Defender. “Our team continues to set the gold standard for detecting manipulated and falsified content threatening to undermine truth and trust.”

To mark the launch of Text Detection, Reality Defender Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Ali Shahriyari will host the company’s first free public webinar on September 21st, giving existing clients and interested users an in-depth walkthrough of the Reality Defender web platform. Registration for the webinar is open at realitydefender.com/webinar.