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Seekr Announces Secure Browser

AI-Driven Content Evaluation Coupled with Browser Security and Privacy, Powered by Norton, for the Web You Can Trust 

Seekr, an artificial intelligence company specializing in transparent content evaluation, announced today its Seekr Secure Browser, a private browser that combines the reliability of Seekr’s groundbreaking content evaluation technology with patented privacy and security services from Norton, a consumer Cyber Safety brand of Gen™.

“Seekr Secure Browser is a significant leap forward in our mission to create a trustworthy internet experience in which reliability of content, security protections, and privacy safeguards are seamlessly integrated,” said Rob Clark, President and Chief Technology Officer of Seekr. “Every aspect of the Seekr Secure Browser inspires trust and confidence – from its speed and efficiency, to its suite of high-performing digital protection features, to its AI-powered content evaluation capabilities.”

The Seekr Secure Browser includes a customizable ad and tracker blocker, anti-phishing and malware detection, and built-in Virtual Private Network (VPN). The browser encrypts data with automatic HTTPS protection, even for websites that don’t offer it. The Seekr Secure Browser is powered by the security and privacy technology from Norton Secure Browser, a web browser that makes online privacy, identity, and personal data easy and manageable. Its features include:

  • Private Mode automatically deletes all browsing data and history when the browser is closed;
  • Browser Lock allows browsing history and data to be safely locked, accessible only by a PIN;
  • AdBlock prevents ads from loading on visited pages, improving browser speed and safety;
  • Web Shield automatically blocks access to malware and phishing sites to prevent data theft;
  • Security Scanner evaluates browser settings for vulnerabilities caused by disabled protection settings;
  • Media Vault automatically encrypts and stores downloaded media files.

Norton is one of the most trusted brands in Cyber Safety. Norton empowers individuals and families with award-winning protection for their devices, online privacy and identity, and blocks an average of nine million cyberthreats every day.

“Our goal is to create technology solutions for people to make the most of their digital world – safely, privately, and confidently. What we provide from Norton’s browser security is perfectly complemented by companies like Seekr that empower people to search the internet confidently with information provided in a transparent way,” said Leena Elias, Chief Product Officer at Gen. “We’re proud to provide our browser technology to help Seekr users search more securely.”

The iOS version of the Seekr Secure Browser launched earlier this month; the Android version is expected to launch in December.