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Ryght introduces a secure GenAI platform built for life science companies

BEKHealth partners with Ryght to co-develop GenAI applications to improve operational effectiveness in clinical trials.

Chief Executive Officer, Simon Arkell, to present Ryght at the DigiMed Showcase on January 9.

Ryght, an innovator in generative AI (GenAI) technology for life science companies, today announced the launch of their namesake platform, Ryght.  Designed with security at the forefront, Ryght is an enterprise-grade platform that enables companies to develop and deploy GenAI applications to their teams privately. Leveraging industry-specific knowledge from biomedical literature and a continuously expanding database of medical records, Ryght accelerates work in scientific research, clinical operations, and commercialization to provide actionable knowledge and informed decision-making to life science companies.

While many companies have opted for utilizing internal development teams to experiment with building GenAI applications for their employees, this can cost companies upwards of $2M per year excluding labor costs and time taken away from more important projects. This is out of reach for most companies who don’t have the bandwidth to prioritize costly, time-consuming projects if they are not tied directly to their mission. Ryght provides an option for life science companies to incorporate adaptable GenAI into everyday tasks to expedite workflows.

“Ryght is enterprise-grade, secure, and easy to deploy across life science companies of all sizes,” said Simon Arkell, CEO of Ryght. “It allows a company to query owned data and documents in many common formats safely. Our team will also work to build and install individualized applications which seamlessly work with companies’ specific data streams and output across specialized needs in the industry. We look forward to partnering and collaborating with companies to create a workstream that not only streamlines operations but provides more time and space for innovation in the life science industry.”

Additionally, BEK Health and Ryght announced a partnership to co-develop applications that incorporate Ryght’s generative AI capabilities into the BEKHealth AI-powered patient-matching software platform.  “We are excited to join forces with Ryght and leverage their GenAI platform and expertise,” said Dave Levin, CEO at BEKHealth. “Ryght’s cutting-edge technology aligns perfectly with our commitment to innovation that enables customers to rapidly identify clinically qualified patients, leading to faster enrollment. By harnessing the power of AI, we can continue to unlock new insights and accelerate access to clinical research.”

Simon Arkell will present additional details on the platform at DigiMed Showcase at 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time on January 9th, 2024, in the Franciscan-B track during the annual JPMorgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco.

A single-user version of Ryght built on the same underlying platform is currently available in beta for professionals in the life science industry.