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AONDevices Expands Its Global Edge AI Presence with Insight Demand Creation representation partnership

New Partnership to Boost AONDevices’ Technology in Everyday Devices

AONDevices, a leading innovator in super low-power, high-accuracy edge AI solutions, is excited to announce strategic partnership Insight Demand Creation for Mexico and Latin America regions. This representation alliance aims to significantly expand AONDevices’ reach and impact with its advanced super low-power edge AI technologies.

Insight Demand Creation: Driving Market Expansion
Insight’s collaboration will be key in broadening the adoption of AONDevices’ technologies across various industries, leveraging their expertise to widen AONDevices’ market presence.

“Our partnership with AONDevices is a strategic step towards introducing innovative technology solutions globally. We’re eager to incorporate their super low-power edge AI technologies in our offerings,” said Gerardo Martinez, VP Sales & Operations at Insight Demand Creation.

Forward Outlook
“This partnership is pivotal in our mission to lead in super low-power edge AI solutions,” said Mouna Elkhatib, CEO of AONDevices. “Together with Insight Demand Creation, we’re set to broaden our reach and enhance user experiences in Mexico and Latin America.”

Meet AONDevices at CES 2024
Join AONDevices at CES 2024 to explore their super low-power edge AI technologies. Attendees can schedule meetings through AONDevices’ CES 2024 page for potential collaborations.