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RocketReach introduces AI-powered features and unprecedented data quality

New product enhancements and simpler workflows help customers create more opportunities faster.

RocketReach announces AI-powered recommendations, streamlined workflows, enhancements to our contact and company databases, and Intent data that is coming soon. RocketReach is dedicated to creating the connections that create opportunities with the highest quality contact and company database and intuitive tools designed to simplify how we work.

Introducing AI-Powered Insights and Intent Data

Earlier this month, we rolled out AI-powered Recommendations. RocketReach is harnessing both the power of contact data patterns and user patterns to deliver tailored suggestions. By analyzing what contacts are frequently viewed together, we uncover hidden associations and trends within large datasets so that users can easily expand their contact dataset with similar profiles. With over 46M search runs and growing, our models are constantly updating to provide the best recommendations.

RocketReach’s Intent data feature will be available by the end of the year, and will equip users with deeper insights and empower more informed interactions.

Elevating Data Quality for Better Engagement

Clear and accurate contact information is the foundation of an effective outreach strategy. People are changing roles more frequently than before. Over the past 90 days, we’ve seen over 1.1M contacts have changed jobs.

“When evaluating data partners, we chose RocketReach because of its exceptional data quality. The partnership with RocketReach has revolutionized our workflow. We have automated and streamlined the prospecting process for our clients, allowing them to pull beyond basic contact and company details, such as technographics. Previously, this process took customers hours and hours to complete and now it just takes minutes.” – Kevin Miyamoto, COO, Identifee.

Having current information is key and is why RocketReach is committed to transparently deliver the highest quality data. Over the past few months, we have improved our database with

  • 10M+ new companies
  • 20M new phone numbers
  • 24M new personal and work emails
  • 48M updates to person profiles with the most up to date job title and company information

Accuracy includes more transparency in your contact data. With our updated Contact Cards, users have more transparency with our new email grades and we are excited to announce that our A grade emails have a 98% deliverability.

Simplifying Workflows

RocketReach’s revamped experience includes a more user-friendly platform that expedites tasks with the following enhancements:

  • Bulk lookups that used to take 17 clicks, can be done in just 3 clicks.
  • Updated list generation and bulk add interfaces. After launch, users have already made over half a million lookups per week with these simplified features.
  • New navigation experience makes traversing the platform effortless with more search updates towards the end of the year.