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Mercante Technologies to Launch AI-Powered Customer Support Platform

Mercante Technologies to launch automated B2B solution backed by AI-powered tools and competitive pricing.

The team at Mercante Technologies are currently deep into the development phase of its groundbreaking AI-powered customer support solution. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and AI algorithms, Mercante is crafting a platform designed to redefine the paradigms of business communications.

Mercante is in the final stages of refining all aspects of the solution to ensure peak performance and user-friendly interactions upon release. The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is expected to launch in Q4, 2023, and will provide businesses with a transformative tool to greatly elevate their customer support experience.

Solutions, Tools, and Benefits 
The Mercante platform will offer a broad range of automated solutions and tools that will benefit online businesses, including:

  • Email Broadcast and Response Service: This tool can answer questions and respond to inquiries about business products instantly, converting potential leads into customers.
  • AI-backed Customer Service Experience: With Mercante’s AI, businesses can ensure swift, precise, and tailored interactions, mirroring the depth and nuance of human interactions.
  • Seamless Integration: Transcending traditional email outreach, Mercante integrates with modern platforms, offering features like embedded online chats, Telegram compatibility, and more to come.
  • Live AI chatbot: This tool converts website visitors into leads and paying customers by simplifying their cognitive workload.
  • Marketing Campaign Analytics: Mercante can also manage more complicated needs such as email marketing campaigns and help track important statistical insights from the site’s intuitive dashboard.

All these solutions are designed to maximize the user’s conversion rate. Mercante isn’t solely about communication, it’s a tool for growth. By elevating user interactions, businesses can witness a surge in conversion rates, seamlessly transforming leads into dedicated customers, and never miss a message again.

Viktor Rozenko, Head of Product at Mercante Technologies stated: “We want users to be able to focus solely on running their businesses, while we handle the correspondence. The launch of our AI-backed solution is an open invitation for businesses globally to focus on their primary vision, leaving the complexities of customer interaction to our team of trusted experts.”