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Rob Markey Joins Forethought’s Board of Directors, Strengthening Leadership in Generative AI for Customer Service

Forethought, the leading generative AI for customer support automation, today announced the appointment of Rob Markey to its Board of Directors. Markey brings with him a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of customer loyalty and satisfaction, making him an invaluable addition to the team.

As a partner in Bain & Company’s San Francisco office and the former global leader of the firm’s Customer Strategy and Marketing practice, one of the key factors that drew Markey to Forethought was the company’s pioneering efforts in applying generative AI to revolutionize customer service. He recognizes the intriguing and potent approach that Forethought offers, which enhances the quality of customer experience while streamlining and optimizing support operations.

“Exceptional customer experience can play a huge role in driving sustainable growth,” said Rob Markey. “Forethought’s technology demonstrates how AI solutions can provide better and more reliable customer service while removing routine or mundane tasks from customer interactions. It can empower human agents to focus on building meaningful connections and resolving complex issues.”

Throughout his illustrious career, Markey has played a pivotal role in assisting large companies in becoming loyalty leaders, driving profitable organic revenue growth. He has advised some of the world’s most renowned customer service brands and successfully transformed companies from industry underdogs to frontrunners.

“We are thrilled to welcome Rob Markey to our Board of Directors,” said Deon Nicholas, CEO and Co-Founder of Forethought. “His profound understanding of customer loyalty and his influential work in the field of customer experience align perfectly with Forethought’s vision to transform customer service using cutting-edge AI technology. We are confident that Rob’s guidance and expertise will contribute significantly to our mission of delivering exceptional customer experiences.”

In addition to his remarkable client achievements, Rob Markey also invented the Net Promoter System, working with his collaborator and co-author of The Ultimate Question 2.0, Fred Reichheld. Rob leads the NPS Loyalty Forum, a prestigious group comprising approximately 45 senior executives from loyalty-focused companies worldwide. Among them are prominent organizations such as The Vanguard Group, American Express, Google, E.ON, NatWest, LEGO, PwC, and Intuit.