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Otter AI Chat: More Intelligent and Collaborative than ChatGPT for Your Everyday Team Meetings

Otter is transcribing over 1 million spoken words every minute. Now, with Otter AI Chat, OtterPilot provides real-time conversational question and answer support, and generates meeting-specific insight and content.

Otter.ai, the world’s leading tool for meeting transcription, summarization, and collaboration, today announced the launch of Otter AI Chat – collaborative AI intelligence that acts as a meeting participant instantly answering questions, collaborating with meeting participants, and generating content based on meeting data. Teams can also collaborate using Otter AI Chat to message each other and Otter, bringing the smart AI assistant into the meeting discussion.

Capabilities of Otter AI Chat include:

  • Get Answers – Team members can ask Otter AI Chat about discussion points or key decisions that were discussed during a meeting or conversation. Otter AI Chat will instantly provide answers from context available within the discussion.
  • Collaborate with AI – Within Otter AI Chat, teammates can collaborate with each other and Otter to seek clarification and details without interrupting the flow of the verbal discussion.
  • Generate Content – Otter AI Chat can generate meeting-specific content to turn that meeting into action. Using the meeting as an AI language model, Otter AI Chat can dissect the meeting content to instantly deliver action items, summaries, follow-up emails, blog posts, and other content to make team members’ lives easier.

“Though ChatGPT has great knowledge based on public data, it can’t answer any questions about your own team meetings. Also, it’s only a 1:1 human-robot chat with no team collaboration,” said Sam Liang, CEO and cofounder of Otter.ai. “Meetings are conversations among multiple people and that’s why Otter AI Chat joins the conversation, answering questions, generating content, capturing action items, and communicating with multiple meeting participants live (or after) the meeting. It’s a transformational leap forward that empowers teams to tap into the fullest value of their meetings in a collaborative and AI-intelligent way – right when and where they need it.”

Otter pioneered the use of AI to transcribe meetings and is now transcribing over 1 million spoken words every minute. Now, with the new Otter AI Chat, those meeting notes are the source for real-time AI that generates meeting-specific insight and content. A recent Otter.ai survey** found that over 70% of professionals are already using some form of AI in their work and over 86% believe their work will look much different within a year because of AI tools like Otter AI Chat – which will revolutionize how teams work and collaborate.

Otter AI Chat will roll out to all users over the coming days. As with previous Otter.ai features, data used in Otter AI Chat will not be stored by third parties.