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Omneky Launches New “Advertising LLM” Capability

Omneky’s Large Language Model improves the speed and scale of AI generated outputs

 Omneky, a generative AI advertising platform, today announced the launch of its latest innovation: the Advertising LLM (Large Language Model). Omneky’s LLM enables marketing and creative teams to generate personalized content faster, more creatively and at scale, while staying fully aligned with a company’s brand.

In the company’s pursuit to improve the speed and scale of AI generated outputs, the Advertising LLM functions as a knowledge layer between Omneky’s proprietary algorithms and the brand’s data, training on both structured and unstructured data sets to generate content based on deeper insights while remaining on brand. The LLM is a custom model and can be vectorized and hosted on-premise to ensure data security. This capability enables Omneky’s AI to be more creative, generating new ideas for each target audience faster while remaining brand safe and data safe.

Omneky’s Advertising LLM tool vectorizes all of the brand’s structured and unstructured data, as well as data from across the web, to train a custom LLM that generates unique marketing strategies and ad creative that accurately represent a brand’s values and goals. As such, the Advertising LLM is designed to quickly understand a brand’s voice, products, and intended audience, all in an effort to streamline marketing and unlock insights from across the funnel to power omnichannel personalized experiences faster and at scale.

“We’re excited to continue expanding our unique product offerings with the introduction of Omneky’s Advertising LLM to our customers,” said Hikari Senju, founder and CEO of Omneky. “Our team focused on developing a proprietary LLM that further revolutionizes advertising by enabling businesses to connect with their target audiences on a deeper and more intuitive level. In conjunction with our generative AI offerings, this allows Omneky to improve the speed and scale of our AI generated outputs and earn our customers trust that our AI deeply understands their brand, who they are and who they aspire to be in all the marketing communications.”

The creation of this new AI-based solution by Omneky illustrates the company’s commitment to innovation as the first mover in the generative AI space, as well as bringing new products to market on a frequent basis. This new product launch follows Omneky’s recent announcement of the Product Generation Pro feature and the Creative Assistant tool. Earlier this year, Omneky also announced a series of new hires across all business units as part of the company’s continued growth to more than 50 employees worldwide. Late last year, Omneky announced a total seed round funding of $10+ million.