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Milagro Utilizing ChatGPT in Software Platform to Elevate User Experience

 Milagro, an AI marketing automation platform for restaurant guest acquisition and retention, has enhanced their Restaurant Operating System by incorporating ChatGPT technology to create a more user-friendly experience for their clientele. Milagro’s proprietary restaurant software captures actionable data that allows restauranteurs to maximize their customers’ data through personalized messaging, turning data into a direct increase in revenue. 

Milagro’s CEO, Hamed Mazrouei, detailed how the AI analytics and preconfigured templates will allow restauranteurs to easily access sales by location, and view top-selling items and employee performance without having to run any custom reports. Users can simply “ask questions” of the system and receive the pertinent data that they need at that moment. One area that will be especially beneficial to restauranteurs with AI is the ability to forecast sales and labor very accurately.

“The incredible thing about AI is that it is always learning – 24/7 – as we continue to train it new categories and add data, it gets better at correlating data,” noted Hamed Mazrouei, CEO of Milagro. “We are truly seeing the realization of a business owner’s dreams, the integration and capabilities of AI happening much sooner than we expected. In the next 12 months, the entire restaurant industry will change as we know it. All forecasting will be 100% accurate and allows for extreme efficiency where the AI will forecast sales, and schedule labor accordingly based on YoY sales, holidays, employee’s past performance, and even the weather!”

AI will connect the dots to extract the most valuable information that humans could not. Sales and marketing teams often do not have the manpower to efficiently communicate with customers. AI intercepts communication from a customer who had a negative experience, will compose a personalized message that includes that customer’s feedback, and then offers a customized incentive to try and create a positive interaction with that customer. Additionally, the AI will be able to correlate customer behavior and offer promotions based on each individual customer’s preferences to drive measurable sales. 

“Having decision-making data at your fingertips will not only help increase efficiency but also lower costs,” noted Mazrouei. “We truly believe this is a turning point for restauranteurs. Those who adopt the technology will be more profitable and will have the opportunity to differentiate themselves and create a truly loyal customer base.”