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Medallia Launches Four Breakthrough AI Innovations

Powered by generative AI and guided by Medallia’s AI Moderation Council, new features change the game for delivering personalized, connected experiences at scale

Medallia, Inc., the global leader in customer and employee experience, today announced at its Experience ‘24 conference four ground-breaking artificial intelligence (AI) innovations that will fundamentally change how organizations can personalize customer and employee experiences.

Ask Athena, Intelligent Summaries, Smart Response, and Themes will further enable leading brands to democratize insights, activate employees, and individualize experiences using cost-effective, responsible, and scalable AI and intelligent automationAll four solutions will become available to Medallia customers as part of Medallia Experience Cloud.

“These incredible new generative AI solutions mark a fundamental shift in customer experience, moving from looking at data and analytics, to taking action, in real-time, through automation, to deliver a personalized, instant experience,” said Joe Tyrrell, CEO at Medallia. “We are delivering against our vision of a future driven by responsible AI, built to continually adapt real-time to new information at every point across the customer and employee journey, dynamically training itself with each new signal to personalize every experience and to empower humans to be more effective on the critical tasks they take on.”

The four new solutions will transform how companies use generative AI to deliver more personalized experiences across every interaction:

Ask Athena: Simply Ask Athena a question and get a quick, intuitive, and informed answer, generated using an organization’s experience data, or any relevant data points. Ask Athena understands the context of the question and returns an AI summarization of the results and additional data, graphs, charts, and more information. It’s easy to see the performance of a specific business line, go deeper to regional or customer segments, or drill down to detailed feedback records and see suggested actions — all through easy, conversational questions.

Intelligent Summaries: Save employees thousands of hours with AI composed summaries of any interaction, profile, and more, that include details that matter most to those who serve customers or employees — like reasons for contact, issue resolution, and customer satisfaction. Intelligent Summaries eliminates the need for employees to do the tedious work of reviewing millions of records and instead delivers concise and accurate summaries, appearing exactly where employees need them in records and record lists, and can be utilized across the entire experience platform.

Smart Response: Provides a personalized, empathetic, and accurate response to customers, in real-time, with Medallia’s generative AI Smart Response. Organizations can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by empowering every employee to close the loop faster than ever. Employees can spend less time writing responses and more time ensuring everyone who should get a response does, all using generative AI to automatically create contextually correct and personalized responses to specific feedback. Employees have full control as responses are both editable and can be sent by individuals, providing control over the final response and an easy opportunity to tailor offers or services even further when needed.

Themes: Achieve faster time to insight with more granular, action-oriented Themes that now leverage generative AI, complete with Intelligent Summaries generated on each Theme. Employees of all levels are now able to identify issues faster and streamline root cause analysis and data exploration. With the ability to track emerging trends in reporting over time, organizations can easily investigate how and why KPIs change.

Since launching AI-powered Text Analytics in 2008, Medallia has continuously developed enterprise-grade, secure AI capabilities, including speech analytics, speech-to-text, AI-powered automations, experience orchestration and more. Like those capabilities, the new generative solutions are built with enterprise-grade control to protect data at every layer and serve the complex business needs of global brands.

Medallia has created an AI Moderation Council to promote innovation while maintaining ethical, responsible, safe, and inclusive use of AI for its experience products. The Council is made up of members from Medallia’s Legal, Privacy & Security, Compliance, Engineering, Product, and Customer organizations.

“The AI Moderation Council reflects the importance we place on our customers’ data privacy, security, and responsible use of their data,” said Simonetta Turek, Chief Product Officer at Medallia. “To further these efforts, we are also launching an AI Advisory Board that will include participation from our customer and partner communities, creating a space where the exchange of learnings, challenges, and best practices can be shared, as well as a focus on the responsible and ethical use of AI.”