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“Marketing Solutions for Professionals!” Adriel Joins the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program, with Reporting & ROI Integration to Improve Advertising Effectiveness

  • Adriel provides solutions to analyze LinkedIn ad performance and derive insights

  • Provides dashboard solutions, performance tracking automation systems, report generation, and other services to increase work productivity

Adriel (CEO Sophie Eom), an AI martech company, announced today that it has joined the LinkedIn Marketing Partner program. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with more than 950 million members.

Adriel’s Reporting and Return on Investment (ROI) Integration with LinkedIn Ads provides solutions to help marketers quickly and easily analyze marketing performance and derive insights. Marketers running ad campaigns on LinkedIn can utilize Adriel’s AdOps platform to manage multiple campaign data sets in real-time from a single dashboard. This automated system allows marketers to monitor the performance of each campaign and receive alerts on ups and downs in performance, allowing for efficient budget allocation. In addition, marketers are able to generate ad campaign reports with a single click, so they can spend less time on reporting and more time on productive tasks.

“Becoming a LinkedIn Marketing Partner, which has a global network of experts, is a new opportunity for Adriel to strengthen our global capabilities. We will actively work to provide more convenient and complete services so that all marketers using LinkedIn can achieve remarkable results,” said Adriel CEO Sophie Eom.

Adriel also operates AdOps, an AI-based martech solution that helps businesses and marketers run efficient digital marketing operations. AdOps consists of Adriel BI, a marketing dashboard solution that enables real-time monitoring of advertising data across all media; AdOptimize, an advertising budget redistribution solution that monitors advertising campaigns around the clock to reduce opportunity costs and manage budgets efficiently; and AdGen AI, a generative AI-based one-stop ad planning solution that will be released in the second half of the year.