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Mai Writer Uses Generative AI To Double Marketing Output and Conversions

Kenn Costales, the Forbes 30 Under 30 Founder of AI startup Mai, is inviting copywriters, content creators, and digital marketing professionals to maximize their productivity with the company’s flagship product, Mai Writer.

Billed as “ChatGPT for Marketing,” Mai Writer aims to give everyone from solo entrepreneurs to large organizations the power of having an AI marketing team working for them. It achieves this through a curated selection of specialized marketing chatbots that produce higher-quality content than ChatGPT for their respective tasks.

Depending on their goals, users can start by selecting from the available Generative AIs or data sources, such as a Facebook Ads AI Writer, Google Ads AI Writer, Article AI Writer, Web Researcher, and more. Each AI has a recommended workflow that has been created based on Kenn and his team’s years of experience running and operating his performance marketing agency, Monolith Growth Consulting.

Mai Writer enables seamless revision and discussion of the generated copy using an intuitive conversational paradigm. Moreover, unlike other platforms, Mai Writer is also acutely aware of various copywriting principles such as worldview, benefit, social proof, and more. As a result, users can arrive at the ideal copy much faster and with highly clear intent. Readers can find out more about the workflow by visiting How Mai Works.

Finally, Mai gives users immense flexibility and control to create their own data sources. Users can upload any PDF data source and perform research on it using the same conversational principles they are used to. The feature can be extremely helpful for marketers of distributors and retailers, who have thousands of SKUs and want to upload a PDF catalog, to easily create content for any product that’s part of that catalog.

Kenn Costales shares his inspiration for building Mai by saying, “Mai is the tool I wish we had when we started our performance marketing agency in 2016. I see that my accounts management team produces higher quality work for more clients than ever before, and now I want to share this tool with the world.”

Several marketers have already tried and given Mai Writer their overwhelming approval. Hanz N. talks about the productivity boost and tangible results he experienced with Mai Writer by saying, “I work in an agency, and my workflow sped up for all of my accounts. It helped me spend more time on strategy & optimization, which helped me exceed my KPIs by 20%.”

Anna O. shares her experience with Mai Writer by saying, “With Mai’s Article Writer AI, I made a 1000+ word article draft in just 10 minutes. Edited it further in 30. I love how it remembers our conversation even after switching to other members of the AI team, whether it’s the Facebook AI or Google AI, it’s easy to create an integrated campaign across multiple channels.”

Mai Writer is currently available for users to try for free, without needing a credit card to sign up, and with a generous limit of 1000 words per month. Mai is committed to protecting its users’ data as it pledges to never sell it to other companies and safeguard it with the highest standards of security.

When asked about Mai Writer’s potential to replace human writers and creators, Kenn says, “I don’t think AI will replace jobs. Instead, I foresee it as a massive productivity tool that helps many marketing teams double their output, and I foresee organization leaders thrilled with improved marketing efficiency and improved profit margins.”